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When to Plead Not Guilty to a Traffic Ticket

When to Plead Not Guilty to a Traffic Ticket

Traffic violations are somewhat common, but they’re not always free of consequences. Our traffic ticket lawyers can help you fight for your case, so you don’t always have to pay a fine, receive driving record points, or suffer suspension of your driving privileges.

If you’ve been ticketed in Colorado, you might think you should just pay it and move on. After all, it’s just a ticket and a small fine. If you can afford it, it should be all over, right?

Not necessarily. While the short-term consequences of some traffic tickets may involve nothing more than a fine, there are some long-term consequences that go into pleading guilty. Whether or not you should plead guilty to a traffic ticket largely depends on the severity of your traffic violation, read on to learn when you should plead not guilty to a traffic ticket.

Don’t Plead Guilty If the Penalty Will Lead to Jail

Just because it’s a traffic ticket, it doesn’t mean that a fine is the only thing you will be dealing with.

For severe violations of traffic laws, such as a DWI, driving while license is suspended, or leaving the scene of an accident, a guilty plea could lead to jail time.

If you’re sentenced to imprisonment, your worries will not end once you’re free. Your criminal record will always show this record of events, which can negatively affect your chances of applying for loans, housing, or employment.

Don’t Plead Guilty If You Can Present a Strong Defense

No matter what the penalty is, even if it’s just a fine, there’s no reason for you to plead guilty right away for a traffic ticket.

You may not know it, but you may have evidence in your favor that can justify your actions or show that you were not actually committing a violation.

Alternatively, you can negotiate a deal with the prosecutor to let you off with a lesser offense. This may still be similar to pleading guilty, but it’s better than pleading guilty to the first charge right away. If the negotiations are successful, you can go from looking at jail time or large fines to being required to attend a minimum number of hours of driver’s education courses.

Let a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Help

Getting a traffic ticket does not always have to end with the worst possible results. Even if you initially think a slap on the wrist is the worst you’ll get, allow a professional to handle the outcome of your ticket.

An experienced traffic ticket lawyer can analyze your case and help you evaluate your options so you can maximize your chances of receiving a favorable outcome. It’s always in your best interests to contest your ticket, especially after a thorough discussion with an attorney.

At Justice for Colorado, we understand accidents happen, and sometimes, you just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Your Denver traffic ticket lawyer is dedicated to the best possible outcome for every case.

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