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Justice For Colorado

Greenwood Village, Colorado, 80112

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Justice For Colorado
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385 Inverness Pkwy
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Greenwood Village, Colorado, 80112
United States

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About Justice For Colorado

The attorneys at Justice for Colorado are known for aggressively representing their clients and getting results. We will meet your legal needs by giving your case the time and focus it deserves. Whether you’ve been injured or issued a traffic ticket, you need an experienced, open-minded attorney who won’t quit. Call us today.

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When to Plead Not Guilty to a Traffic Ticket

When to Plead Not Guilty to a Traffic TicketTraffic violations are somewhat common, but they’re not always free of consequences. Our traffic ticket lawyers can help you fight for your case, so you don’t always have to pay a fine, receive driving record points, or suffer suspension of your driving privileges.If you’ve been ticketed in Colorado, you might think you should just pay it and move on. After all, it’s just a ticket and a small fine. If you can afford it, it should be all over, right?Not necessarily. While the short-term...Continue Reading...

Motorcycle Laws in Colorado

Motorcycles are a fast and efficient means of travel in the busy state of Colorado. As of 2019, a total of 185,875 motorcycles are registered in-state, and the number continues to grow year upon year. Without a solid knowledge of the laws and legislations governing motorcycles, however, you’re vulnerable to the risk of injury or even fatality on the roads. It pays to be aware of state laws as a motorcycle owner, given they differ depending on your location, so here’s a primer on what you need to know in Colorado. What Laws Concern...Continue Reading...

Motorcycle Laws in Colorado

After you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident in Colorado, you may be unsure of what to do next. When someone else is responsible for causing your accident, you may have grounds for a civil claim against them. This would allow you to obtain the compensation you need to get through the difficult time in your life. Understanding how the state’s motorcycle laws work could help you to better prepare for the claims process and help you feel more confident in your decision to move forward with your lawsuit. Below, we go into further...Continue Reading...

Common Signs Of Distracted Driving

When a car accident occurs in Denver because of a negligent driver, you may assume the driver was under the influence of alcohol. Although drunk driving causes many car accidents, it doesn’t cause as many accidents as distracted driving does.Drivers get distracted behind the wheel for various reasons. Because drivers are operating vehicles so often, they think they can multitask while driving. Even if they know the consequences of distracted driving, they may feel as if those consequences will never happen to them.If you’ve been injured...Continue Reading...

Should I Hire a Lawyer to Handle My Denver Traffic Ticket?

When you receive a Denver traffic ticket, you may wonder what options you have to reduce or dismiss the charge. Paying the ticket will result in an automatic guilty plea and full penalties, including the fine for the ticket, points on your driving record, and a possible increase in your car insurance premium. Going to traffic court, however, gives you a chance to explain yourself and what happened.Traffic ticket court can be nerve-racking if you aren’t familiar with the legal process. You may think hiring a Denver traffic ticket lawyer...Continue Reading...