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Manziel Law Offices Reviews

Submitted by Mason Easter Brook on 09/29/2021

Vey Happy With the Service

Overall Rating

I have to say that i am quite satisfied with the service that i got!!

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highly knowledgeable

If you require help with healthcare insurance fraud paperwork, Please Contact Lisa. She is highly knowledgeable, competent, prompt, flexible, patient, polite, and charges a reasonable price. She responds quickly to emails, and I have nothing but good things to say about her service. Lisa is a bright light in an otherwise depressing situation. Lisa and Manziel Law Offices, Thank you.

Submitted by Ahmir Bled on 01/19/2022

Responsive and helpful

Lisa Manziel was recommended to me by a friend. I went to her about a year ago with my first issue, She is responsive and really helped me out with his best ability. When my friends and family need a lawyer, I usually refer them to Lisa, and they always have nothing but positive things to say about herĀ helpĀ and results.

Submitted by Pamela White on 01/16/2022

Educate me very professionally

I submitted a case for review, and I received a response within two hours on Monday night. Despite the fact that my situation was outside of the scope of this office's expertise, they guided and educated me in a professional manner.

Submitted by Oliver Charlie on 01/14/2022

Highly recommend!

I had some healthcare law related questions and Lisa was very quick with her response. I personally liked how knowledgeable, cordial and patient she is. She answered all my questions.

Highly recommend!

Submitted by Tonya Hylton on 01/12/2022

Amazing service.

Amazing service. The firm responded quickly to my initial inquiry, had a very quick intake process to learn about my case, and then followed up until the finish. I knew I had made the right decision from the start, and I was pleased with the outcome. Lisa Manziel works brilliantly for me!

Submitted by David Nicolas on 01/07/2022

I highly recommend this Office

Manziel Law Offices in Texas. I highly recommend this Office, which recently handled a healthcare insurance for me. Knowledgeable, with sound advice, friendly service, on time, and affordable.

Submitted by Lisa Manziel on 01/06/2022

Very professional I highly recommend

Exceptional experience with Lisa Manziel. Kind, compassionate ethical representation. They did not recommend unnecessary or costly options. Very professional I highly recommend them if you need a healthcare lawyer.

Submitted by Goli Helx on 12/26/2021

Highly recommend Lisa

Highly recommend Lisa and their team - they were the only people I felt like I could trust throughout the entire health insurance process. They addressed all questions/concerns we had and emailed us back quickly from the beginning to the end of the health insurance process.

Submitted by Sophia Ivy on 12/23/2021

Very professional

Manziel law offices were very professional and personally attentive while we were guided through the creation of our trust, we highly recommend them.

Submitted by Bella Laroue on 12/07/2021

Thank you Manziel Law Firms!

After meeting with Lisa, I believe she is the most trustworthy attorney. She looks out for what's best for his clients. I can assure you that she will not disappoint you.

I highly recommend Manziel Law Offices with his professionalism and amazing standards.

I appreciate your help

Submitted by Hazel Zara on 12/06/2021

Excellent lawyers

Exactly what you need. Excellent lawyers! If you want strong attorneys who will fight for you, Lisa Manziel's law firm is the way to go. Smart, tenacious, persistent, and at the same time caring.

Submitted by Aria Evie on 12/05/2021

Very Consistent

They have always been very consistent. They also practice insurance and health care law, As well as they've been focusing on the area of maximizing all of the commercial healthcare reimbursement for the hospitals and also the individuals. They also do challenge denied and delayed claims, from appealing to litigating for the rightful claims payment.

Submitted by Evelyn Charles on 10/04/2021

Helped me!!

They really helped me to get these delayed and denied claims of mine.......

Submitted by Brat Jones on 09/30/2021

Thank You Guys

They practice insurance and health care law, while focusing on the area of maximizing commercial healthcare reimbursement for hospitals and individuals. They also challenge delayed and denied claims, from appealing to litigating for rightful claims payment.

Submitted by Steve Brown on 09/30/2021


I came to know that Manziel Law Offices represents hospitals in the area of maximizing reimbursement from commercial payers, such as Aetna, UHC, and BCBS. Payers include, but are not limited to, group health plans, ACA Marketplace plans, and individual payers.

Submitted by Richard Jones on 09/30/2021

They helped me!!

I heard that Manziel Law Offices helps to get delayed and denied claims. They helped me by appealing to litigating for the claim payment. They helped me overturn wrongful claims denials.

Submitted by Chriss Jones on 09/30/2021

I am relieved!!

Thank you So Much!!!

Submitted by George Tho on 09/29/2021