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Meissner Associates

New York, New York, 10018

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Meissner Associates
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1430 Broadway
New York, New York, 10018
United States

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Monday – Friday 10 AM – 5 PM

About Meissner Associates

When people have knowledge of securities fraud and inadequate corporate disclosures, they come to Meissner Associates to blow the whistle and tip off the SEC. Our firm’s founder, Stuart Meissner, helped craft the rules that reward whistleblowers, giving us in-depth, firsthand knowledge of how to protect whistleblowers and get them the best financial reward for their information.

We can provide representation for a number of different whistleblowing matters:

Meissner Associates can also assist in recovering losses caused by broker mismanagement and misconduct when at least $100,000 in losses have been incurred.

Meissner Associates Practice - Focus Areas

Meissner Associates Member Articles

What Is Securities Fraud?

As with any industry, there are always a few bad apples. But within the securities industry and financial markets, these individuals can do significant damage to investors and the public alike. Securities fraud is a top priority of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and if you have information regarding such fraudulent activities, you may be entitled to a substantial whistleblower award for reporting your findings to the SEC. Continue reading to learn more about what constitutes securities fraud and the basics of becoming a...Continue Reading...

Common Employment Disputes in the Securities Industry

Working in the securities industry is not easy, and when your employer has wronged you in some way, it isn’t as simple as just quitting your job and finding a new one, despite the fact that most stockbrokers are technically at-will employees. The impact of leaving a brokerage firm or financial planning institution can severely influence your professional life, so when you have reason to believe that your employer has wronged you in some way, it may be well-advised to consult with an attorney to see what your legal options are. With...Continue Reading...

Protections for Auto Industry Whistleblowers

No matter what industry you work in, discovering that your employer is engaging in fraudulent activities or putting people’s lives at risk to earn a profit can be sickening, and you may be unsure of where to turn or what you should do. Fortunately, there are legal options available to you to help put a stop to these concerns. In the auto industry in particular, there have been several high-profile cases of companies ignoring safety concerns to make a quick buck. Perhaps if a would-be whistleblower like yourself would have known...Continue Reading...

What Is "Original Information" in an SEC Whistleblower Tip?

Discovering that your employer, colleague, supervisor, company, or anyone for that matter, is defrauding investors or committing any other type of securities violations can put you in a tough spot. If you are an employee, you also risk retaliation for coming forward and reporting your findings internally or to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Fortunately, the SEC recognizes how valuable whistleblowers are to stopping investment fraud and will often reward whistleblowers for their efforts. However, the requirements for being...Continue Reading...