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Chicago Trusted Attorneys

Chicago, Illinois, 60606

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Chicago Trusted Attorneys
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444 W Lake St
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Chicago, Illinois, 60606
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About Chicago Trusted Attorneys

Whether you have been charged with a serious felony or a misdemeanor, every conviction can follow you for the rest of your life. That's why it's essential to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can prove your innocence. At Chicago Trusted Attorneys, your case will receive the attention it deserves. You can't fight the system on your own, and your future is too important to trust to anyone but the best attorney as you work to build a strong legal defense.

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Chicago Trusted Attorneys Member Articles

How to Vet Your Potential Defense Attorney

When you get arrested, the only thing standing between you and jail is a defence attorney. A good defense attorney should be able to deconstruct the evidence provided by the police and prove your innocence.We promise you professionalism, confidentiality, and responsiveness when you call our law offices. Therefore, when you ever find yourself caught up by the long arm of the Law, you can count on our law firm to defend you.Remember, your case is just as strong as the lawyer that you hire. Therefore, it is in your best interest to hire a qualified...Continue Reading...

Fighting a Traffic Ticket in Chicago

Traffic tickets are typically issued when you commit a traffic violation, such as speeding, driving too fast for conditions, and improper lane change. At the time, you may not take a traffic ticket seriously. After all, it only adds a certain number of points to your license. However, the traffic points can add up over time and have an impact on your driving privileges.This is why it is important to fight a traffic ticket. In many cases, the officer issuing the ticket may not have sufficient cause to do so. In other cases, the ticket may simply...Continue Reading...

Alcohol Limits and Your DUI Case

When you're pulled over for drinking and driving, you may be frustrated at first. You drank little, and were certain you stayed under the legal limit. How could you have been pulled over?But blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits can vary, depending on the driver, and can impact your DUI case. That may make your case more confusing, especially if this is your first court case.The good news is, your lawyer is here to help. Seek out answers if you've been pulled over for driving over the legal limit.General BAC Limits for a DUIYour BAC...Continue Reading...

Fighting a Traffic Ticket in Chicago

One minute, you’re on the road, whether you’re heading to work, to the grocery store, or just home after a long day. The next, you’ve been pulled over and ticketed, which can have some harsh penalties attached. When you’ve received a ticket, you may need to fight back to avoid those harsh penalties. But what can you do? Before you plead guilty and pay for your traffic ticket in Chicago, make sure you take whatever steps you can to get out of that ticket. With a lawyer’s help, you may be able to reduce the penalties...Continue Reading...

Should I Just Pay for My Traffic Ticket?

When you’re pulled over and issued a traffic ticket, you may not want to bother with it. You just want to pay the ticket and move on with your life. Unfortunately, that’s not always the best option for you. If you’ve been issued a ticket, you may be better off disputing the ticket, rather than paying. If you’re not sure how to fight back, below are a few reasons why you may need to and what you can do about your case. You’re Dealing with More than a FineYour penalties don’t just begin and end with the...Continue Reading...