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Joel Smith

Launchpad Legal Marketing
Santa Maria, California

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Santa Maria, California
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Joel Smith is a lead SEO representative helping clients boost their online business presence. 

Joel Smith Member Articles

What is Whistleblower Protection?

Workers who stand up to unlawful conduct in their place of work are known as “whistleblowers”. There are both state and federal laws that protect workers from retaliation on behalf of employers when they disclose information that they believe involves the violation of the law. These laws also protect workers against the refusal to participate in activities that would otherwise violate local laws, state laws, and/or federal laws. If you believe you are facing retaliation at work because you reported an employer’s wrongdoing or...Continue Reading...

Affidavit Regarding Real Property of Small Value ($50,000 or Less) DE-305

Affidavit Regarding Real Property of Small Value ($50,000 or Less) Form DE-305 OverviewWhen real estate valued by a court appointed appraiser, called a probate referee, is worth less than $50,000.00, this affidavit can be filed at the court to transfer property to the person(s) entitled to have it transferred to them, then recorded at the county recorder in the county where the real property is located. There is no hearing involved, just a trip to the probate clerk’s office and then the County Recorder. Unlike other probate procedures, this...Continue Reading...

The Most Common Benefits and Disadvantages of Getting a Name Change

A person may change his or her name for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons why a person may get a name change may include the following reasons:The individual may have recently gotten marriedThe individual may have recently been divorcedThe individual is unsatisfied with his or her nameThe individual, who is underage, has recently been adopted Before a person decides to change his or her name, however, there are several important factors that he or she should consider. When a person changes his or her name, the name change...Continue Reading...

New Jersey Expungements and Criminal Records

In the State of New Jersey, when an individual has a criminal history, filing for an expungement can have many benefits. It is important to note that a criminal expungement is not for everyone. Similarly important, not everyone who has a criminal background will qualify to have a criminal record expunged. Determining Whether or Not a Person is Eligible to Expunge His or Her Criminal RecordExpungement laws can drastically vary by state. Determining whether or not an individual can expunge his or her criminal record will greatly depend on the...Continue Reading...

The Most Common Reasons Why a Petition for a Name Change Might Not Be Granted

In this Country, every person has the freedom to be called whatever name he or she chooses. While this is true, this does not apply to every person applying to do so through the court. Not everyone has the privilege to change his or her name legally. In order for a name change to be legally acknowledged, a state court has to approve it. There are many reasons that can disqualify a person’s petition for a name change. Reasons behind the rejection can vary between simple procedural errors to something more serious such as fraud. It is important...Continue Reading...