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The Kindley Firm, APC

San Diego, California, 92101

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Personal Injury Attorneys in San Diego, California

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The Kindley Firm, APC
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San Diego, California, 92101
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$7.2 Million Product Liability Vehicle / Brain Injury
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About The Kindley Firm, APC

The Kindley Firm, APC, will be fully dedicated to your case, fight for your rights, and keep you informed every step of the way. We are dedicated to our clients, their families, and our communities.

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The Kindley Firm, APC Member Articles

How Do You Prove Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse is a serious social problem with adverse consequences for the victim. As the abuse is directed at the elderly victims, it can leave them physically, emotionally, psychologically, and financially devastated. An elder abuse lawyer can help you investigate such abuse, report it, and seek compensation from the perpetrator.Before you can prove an instance of elder abuse, it is important to understand what it constitutes and the different types of abuse. Here is a look at these.What Constitutes Elder Abuse?Any form of abuse directed...Continue Reading...

Types of Abuse that Target the Elderly in San Diego

The elderly are one of the most vulnerable groups in the U.S. population, aside from children. Many people prey on the elderly because they’re easy targets. Abusers can physically, sexually, and financially take advantage of the elderly. If you have an elderly family member whom you love and care about, it’s essential to keep a close eye on them and protect them from predators.If you believe your elderly loved one has been abused, you can take legal action and hold their abuser accountable. By pressing civil charges against the abuser...Continue Reading...

Steps to Take After Getting Rear-Ended During Rush Hour

Car accidents happen frequently in urban areas, and though rush hour is one of the most inconvenient times to experience a wreck, it’s also more common for collisions to occur at this time of day when roads are congested and drivers are focused on getting home or to work. Rear-end collisions can occur during rush hour because traffic is constantly changing speeds and drivers may be more distracted.If you’ve been rear-ended during rush hour traffic in San Diego, it’s important to stay calm and follow specific steps to take care...Continue Reading...

Suing a Drunk Driver for a Car Accident

If you’ve been hit by a drunk driver in a car accident, it’s understandable to be shaken by the experience. The first thing you should do after your wreck is call the police and seek medical help for any injuries you’ve suffered. Once you begin the recovery process, you may start wondering what the best course of action is for filing a lawsuit and obtaining compensation. It’s possible that the drunk driver is already being charged in the criminal system, which can be helpful in your case, but it can also prolong the...Continue Reading...