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Legal Professional Larry H. Shapazian in Fresno CA

Larry H. Shapazian

Tomassian, Pimentel & Shapazian
Fresno, California, 93711

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Tomassian, Pimentel & Shapazian
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3419 W Shaw Ave
Fresno, California, 93711
United States

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Mon - Fri: 8:35AM-5:30PM

About Larry H. Shapazian

If you’ve been injured at work in California, workers compensation provides medical treatment and compensates for lost wages. But how can one know if they qualify? What amount should be received by an employee under the system of Workers' Compensation Act 1974 as amended to prevent any potential injustice done towards these unfortunate claimants who are trying their best throughout difficult times while being pursued relentlessly by those pursuing financial gain off other people's misfortunes without thinking twice about it because its okay when someone else pays up right?! Well now Tomassian Pimentel & Shapazian has come around with answers that will help us navigate Through The Complicated WC System So We Can All Receive Payments And Medical Care Necessary

You deserve to be paid well for your services. If you feel that the company is not treating their employees with respect, then talk to Attorney Larry H. Shapazian immediately so they can help make sure all of legal actions are taken in order! Attorney Larry H. Shapazian work on behalf or employers who have been wrongfully terminated and also those seeking additional compensation through harassment claims against former bosses; however my skills don't stop at simply helping people fight back - if something has happened where its clear unfair treatment occurred I am more than happy provide both support during times tough as well recovery financially speaking

Attorney Larry H. Shapazian handles employment contract disputes and discrimination claims, harassment cases including sexual orientation or gender identity-based issues for clients throughout California. The legal system can be a difficult place to navigate if you are not aware of your rights but don't worry because Attorney Lorry Shapazzin has got this! He's been helping people fight back against their abusers since 1981.

Attorney Larry H. Shapazian

3419 West Shaw Avenue #200

Fresno, California 93711

(559) 216-0797