Who is responsible if you’re injured by dangerous property?

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Who is responsible if you’re injured by dangerous property?

Premise liability accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Premise liability happens when a property is defective or dangerous; and this can occur inside or outside a property.

Accidents that happen inside or outside of stores, homes, parks, public transport, offices or on city streets can lead to premise liability cases. One of the most common premise liability cases involves landlords who are sued for poorly maintained properties.

In California, an individual injured thanks to the neglect of an owner's property management may be able to receive compensation for damages or injuries incurred.

What dangers can be present?

There are a variety of dangers that can cause a property to be dangerous.

·        Poor architecture and design,

·        Poor building work,

·        Low-quality materials, and

·        A lack of maintenance in the area.

These dangerous areas can cause a person to fall, slip or trip, and an expensive lawsuit can result.

Determining responsibility

An owner of a property must keep those that use the premises safe. An owner cannot put someone in harm's way due to the condition of the premises.

However, if the person using the property, such as a tenant, is acting in a way that isn't "normal" or is "unsafe", the owner is not responsible. The law states that a person shouldn't act in an irresponsible way that puts themselves at risk.

If an individual is injured on a neglected property, the injured person must show that the owner did not provide a safe premise. The injured person will need to show evidence to support their claim.

How to prove injury

In a premise liability case, you will need to show you were injured by the property. But how do you do this? The easiest way to prove injury is through a doctor's testimony. You may also need to testify on your own behalf about the injury, how it was caused and the effects of the injury.

In addition, you can produce medical bills and other expert medical specialists on the injuries you sustained. These items can help you win a premise liability case.

Berkeley Balcony Collapse

In 2015, an apartment balcony collapsed off the side of a complex in Berkeley, California. Six Irish students died in the accident while another seven were injured severely as the deck fell from the fifth floor.

A lawsuit against the apartment complex and the contractors that constructed the building was filed. It was found that the balcony the students were standing on collapsed due to severe rotting.

Segue Construction, the contractors responsible for the poorly built balcony, had paid $25 million in defective property in the years prior to the balcony collapse. The case is still ongoing, but it represents a major premise liability and wrongful death lawsuit in the state currently.

The Paris Firm

If you or a loved one has experienced injuries due to premise liability, the Paris Firm may be able to help you receive the compensation you deserve. The Paris Firm specializes in personal injury law and can give you advice on compensation, if you have been injured. Visit our dedicated page on premise liability or contact us directly. The Paris Firm is here to help with all your personal injury law needs.

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