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Who Can You Sue in Case of an Injury in a Bar Fight?

Who Can You Sue in Case of an Injury in a Bar Fight?

A bar fight is generally depicted on the television and in the movies with the protagonist physically confronting a group of assailants. They rarely depict the reality of the financial pain that is suffered by the victims due to getting injured in the bar fight.

With thousands of bars and nightclubs operating in California that serve alcohol, the possibilities of a brawl happening are high. If you have been injured due to a bar fight, you have the legal option to collect compensation from the guilty party for your injuries.

But who should you sue in court to obtain compensation in case of a bar fight: the assailant or the bar owner? You will know the answer after reading this article.

What are Your Legal Rights in Case of an Injury Due to a Bar Fight?

In case of injury in a bar fight, you can not only sue the assailant but the bar owner as well.

The bar and nightclub owners have the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the customers. In order to prevent the likelihood of the customers getting injured in a brawl, the owners are required to hire security guards. The security personnel's duty includes breaking up fights between the customers. Also, they are required to act quickly in case an outsider enters the building and starts attacking.

Keep in mind that in most cases the bar owner is responsible to compensate the victims of a bar fight that occurred inside the bar. However, one exception to this is when the fight was a mutual affray in which the assailant and the victim had agreed upon the fight.

In addition, if the owner had hired security guards but they did not respond in a timely manner to break up the fight, the company who had provided the security guards will be held responsible for any injury or property damage rather than the bar owner.

Why Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in California?

Proving negligence in the court is not easy. You must present a lot of evidence that clearly shows that the defendant was negligent in providing the required security within the premises. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer in California will help you in preparing a strong case that will increase the odds of a successful court outcome.

Also, you should report a bar fight to the local police immediately. The police report will be the single most important piece of evidence in establishing guilt in case of injuries due to bar fights. While you are not legally required to file a report, the defendant's attorney can question the legitimacy of a report that was prepared a few days after the incident.

For more information regarding injuries due to a bar fight and negligent security, you should contact Shield Litigation, LLP. If you or your loved one have been injured in a bar fight in Orange County, CA, you can contact us for legal representation by dialing (714) 728-3385.

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