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What to Know About Driving a Motorcycle in California

What to Know About Driving a Motorcycle in California

Whether you’re an aspiring motorcycle owner, already own one, or just a new rider visiting the Golden State, there are a few aspects of driving a motorcycle in California that you should know. These aspects, some of which are established laws, will help you avoid getting into accidents or on the wrong side of the law. 

For more information on motorcycle accidents, consider scheduling a free consultation with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Orange County to understand your rights.

Motorcycle Insurance is Mandatory

 California laws require every motorcycle rider to carry a minimum amount of insurance as follows:

  • $5000 in case of property damage

  • $15,000 to cover bodily injuries on an individual

  • $30,000 to cover bodily injuries on multiple victims

These requirements carry weight among law enforcement departments and you can receive a one-year license suspension if you're found riding without insurance.

Each Rider Must Have a Motorcycle License

Similarly, every rider in California should have a motorcycle license. This means the rider is of legal age and has passed all the required physical, mental, and written tests. 

Anyone applying for a motorcycle license should also have a learner’s permit and for riders under the age of 21 years, the permit must be at least six months old. 

Can You Carry a Passenger?

There are no rules in California that prohibit riders from carrying passengers unless they hold a learner’s permit.

However, for you to carry a passenger, your motorcycle must have proper safety equipment fastened on the seat, as well as footrests for the passenger.

Legalized Lane Splitting

California is the only state in our country where lane splitting is legal. This means a motorcycle can ride between two lanes in slow-moving or static traffic. However, riders are advised to be careful when lane splitting and only do so when it’s safe. 

For instance, avoid riding on high speeds when lane splitting, and watch out for open car doors that can cause a severe open-door motorcycle crash. 

Stereotypical Views of Motorcyclists as Reckless

There’s a widely held misconception that motorcycle riders are in it only for the thrill and are likely to speed or make other reckless maneuvers on the road. This is not true, but unfortunately, the insurance company can use it to try to pin some fault on you in case of an accident.

You can fight this back with evidence that your attorney will help you gather and present before an insurer or the court.

Learn More From a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 

As a rider, there are many other things you need to learn about motorcycles in California, including how to hold reckless drivers accountable for causing injuries. Speaking with an attorney in Orange County can help you understand your options in such a case and even guide you through the claims process.

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