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What to Do After a Texas Car Accident

What to Do After a Texas Car Accident

Texas roads report millions of car accidents annually. Unfortunately, you can still find yourself in a crash even after safe driving and observing traffic rules. How? 

Drivers who fail to ensure the safety of other road users. In some cases, car part manufacturers, property owners, employers, or a government entity might be responsible.  

Regardless of the cause, the actions you take after an accident may make or break your case should you decide to sue. Remember, you don’t have to do any of this alone. You can, and should, get legal help from a Texas car accident lawyer to navigate your claim.

Steps to Take after a Car Accident

Knowing what to do after a Texas car accident minimizes the chances of making a mistake that might cost you down the line. 

When you’re involved in a crash, the priority should always be your health. If you’re severely injured, it’s okay to seek medical attention and call a lawyer or a loved one to deal with the wreck. 

Otherwise, here are some important things you should do at the scene:

  • Call for Help – If you’re not too injured, check if the other parties involved have suffered serious injuries and call an ambulance immediately. After this, contact law enforcement to report the incident. A police officer might come to the scene and assess the situation, after which they’ll prepare an accident report. 

  • Exchange Information with the Other Party – If the accident involves another motorist, ensure that you collect their information. This includes personal, auto insurance, and vehicle-related details. 

  • Document Evidence from the Scene  The more proof you have, the easier it’ll be to prove liability. Some of the evidence you can document includes pictures of the injuries, damage on both cars, skid marks, current weather conditions, eyewitness contact information, among others. 

  • Call a Car Accident Lawyer in Texas – Having an attorney may be the difference between getting a lowball settlement and receiving the compensation you deserve. A lawyer will advise you on the dos and don’ts, as well as get to working on your claim immediately.   

  • Seek Medical Evaluation – Finally, ensure that you get medical attention whether you feel pain or not. A physician can treat current injuries and even predict the probability of a delayed injury. Failure to see a doctor could also reduce your final settlement significantly. 

Speak with a Texas Car Accident Lawyer

Now that you understand the crucial steps to take after a crash, it’s time to contact a car accident lawyer. 

Recovering the resulting damages and getting your life back on track might be challenging. The Estes Law Firm is ready to handle the legal complexities of your case so that you have time to focus on recuperating. What’s more, we cater to non-English speaking clients too through attorneys and a support team that speaks English, Spanish, Russian, and Swiss-German.

Call us at 281-205-8079 or complete the form below to get started. 

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