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What Happens if Someone Intentionally Crashes into Me?

What Happens if Someone Intentionally Crashes into Me?

Most crashes are genuinely accidental in nature. While drivers in New Jersey might make these accidents more likely due to intoxication, distraction, and other forms of negligence, most never actually intended to crash their vehicles. However, some drivers legitimately cause deliberate crashes. It seems impossible to understand why anyone would want to do this, but it is safe to say that these acts stem from serious mental instability. Although intentional car crashes might seem unthinkable, the truth is that they are surprisingly common in New Jersey. In fact, there have been a few of these accidents within the past few weeks. What can you do if someone intentionally crashes into you? 


Man Deliberately Crashes into Several Buildings – Including a Police Station


On October 1, 2023, it was reported that an out-of-control driver had deliberately crashed his vehicle into several buildings throughout Independence Township. It started when he crashed into a home, and this collision miraculously resulted in zero injuries. The driver then apparently used the same vehicle to crash into the Independence Township Police Department. According to numerous reports, the suspect was blaring “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses as his car careened into the police station at full speed. 


In this second act of vehicular demolition, a police officer narrowly escaped being struck as the car smashed straight through a wall. After causing serious damage, the vehicle finally came to a rest in the squad room. Apparently unbothered by the wreckage around him, the driver was in a celebratory mood – pumping his hands in the air even as police approached to take him into custody. In the end, he was charged with burglary, criminal mischief, and a weapons offense. Other potential charges include terrorism and aggravated assault. This story highlights the unstable, dangerous nature of some New Jersey drivers. 


New Jersey Man Intentionally Hits Police Officer With Stolen Car


Although there were no reported injuries in the previous incident, intentional crashes do not always leave innocent people unscathed. In September of 2023, it was reported that a man from New Jersey had intentionally struck a Manville police officer with a stolen car. The individual in question encountered police in June of 2023 after being reported for car theft. Police approached the vehicle and instructed the suspect to pull over. 


At this point, the defendant is accused of putting the vehicle in drive and speeding forward. This took him into the path of a standing police officer, and this officer was apparently thrown into the path of another vehicle. It seems as though the struck officer was not seriously harmed, as he immediately got to his feet and entered a squad car along with another officer. The pair then pursued the stolen vehicle, eventually catching up with the suspect after he crashed. 


Although the suspect managed to escape on foot after the car crash, he was eventually discovered hiding in a basement nearby. Upon further inspection, the police also located a firearm in the stolen car that he had crashed. As a result, the defendant was charged with aggravated assault on a law officer – among other offenses. 


Can I Sue After an Intentional Car Crash?


It is certainly possible to pursue compensation after an intentional car crash in New Jersey. However, a personal injury lawsuit might not be necessary due to the state’s “no-fault” system. Under this system, you can simply file a claim with your own insurance provider to pursue compensation. This might be the only route toward compensation if the criminal who intentionally crashed into you was driving without insurance of their own. This is especially common in cases with stolen vehicles, and general criminal activity. 


It is also worth pointing out that criminal charges may not lead to compensation for injured victims. Although some criminals may be ordered to pay restitution, there is no guarantee of this. Working alongside a personal injury attorney in New Jersey may be necessary to effectively pursue compensation, even if criminal charges have already been filed. 


Where Can I Find a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in New Jersey?


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