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What Can Be Used Against You in Your Injury Claim?

No matter how serious your injuries are, you'll always have an uphill battle when attempting to win compensation for your damages. With an experienced Detroit personal injury lawyer, you'll have to fight for your compensation. Insurance companies are eager to use anything you do or say against you. 

Without showing any remorse, insurance companies will not hesitate to use any information that will stop you from winning your injury claim case. For this reason, you mustn’t give insurance companies the ammo to destroy your case. Certain actions and statements will harm your image and are better avoided if you want to win your case.

You should never be taken advantage of in your time of need. The following are examples of what insurance companies will attempt to use against your injury claim case.

Insurance Companies Will Use Any Statement You Make 

Insurance companies analyze every statement you make and attempt to misquote any phrase you say. Even statements you make while emotionally distressed are fair game in the eyes of the insurance company. You must never trust an insurance company representative. Even posting on your favorite social media website can be seen as potential evidence against your claim. 

If you're posting about your favorite movie, for example, insurance companies will attempt to warp this image into you not being truly in emotional distress. Although this seems like a stretch, insurance companies will try any tactic to avoid paying out the full settlement amount.

Insurance Companies Will Use Evidence against You

It's always important to gather as much evidence as you can during your injury case. Having proof of your damages is vital to winning your case. However, insurance companies are also gathering evidence in defense of your claim. While you're gathering witness statements, official reports, and any other valuable documentation, insurance companies are doing the same thing.

Insurance companies may even alter the evidence or statements in favor of their clients. Nothing is off limits in the eyes of insurance companies, and you must prepare yourself for any strategy they may use against you. 

Gathering your evidence and having a strong point of view of the events is the only way to combat anything insurance companies may use in your injury claim case. Naturally, your injury attorney will help you through this process.

Reach Out to a Detroit Personal Injury Lawyer

Christensen Law knows how to help you navigate the complexity associated with injury claim cases. Dealing with legal terminology is intimidating and extremely stressful for the average person. The injury lawyers at our firm understand this fact and we're ready to help you begin your path towards compensation. 

We'll help you build your case by assisting you with gathering evidence. Winning your compensation is the first step in getting your life back on track and moving forward without added financial strain. When someone else is responsible for your damages, they must face the consequences of their actions.

To start your healing process, call one of our experienced injury attorneys at 248-213-4900. You can also find us online for more information about injury claim cases. 

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