What Are Criminal Lawyers and When Should I Partner with One?

If you find yourself facing criminal allegations, you might be confused about all the procedures that are in place and the different regulations. There are different types of attorneys for almost every type of case and choosing the right one can feel overwhelming.

Criminal lawyers work with individuals and organizations to help defend them against criminal charges and allegations. 

Criminal Lawyer Responsibilities 

The main job of the lawyer is to help defend the person who is being charged with a crime. This can include crimes such as:

  • Domestic violence crimes 

  • Sex crimes 

  • Violent crimes 

  • Drug crimes 

  • DUIs

  • Theft 

They also help people who have been charged with embezzlement or fraud charges. Regardless if your case is set in a federal and state court, we can be there for you.

Their main duties include:

  • Investigate the case and interviewing witnesses 

  • Build a defense and develop a case strategy

  • Negotiate to bargain lesser charges or reach a plea deal 

  • Advocate for the defendant at trial 

  • Research case law, crimes codes, and procedural law

  • Draft, file, and argue appeals

Criminal lawyers go through rigorous training and schooling to ensure they are experienced and professional before taking on the cases of people charged with crimes. Their main goal is to get the charges dropped and reduced to help the person go back to their normal life before the charges were brought against them. 

Criminal Lawyer Skills 

To become a criminal lawyer, the person might have certain skills and be able to develop competencies in certain areas. Their writing and speaking skills must be excellent because they speak before jurors and courts. 

They also need to have research and investigative skills, as well as legal knowledge and experience. They need to know federal and state laws to effectively defend their clients in a way that can get them their charges reduced. 

They must also be able to hold a professional client-attorney relationship that keeps everything confidential. 

When Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer? 

If you are facing charges for a crime, you need to partner with a criminal lawyer. They will be able to attend your hearings with you and advise you on the best solution to the charges. In some cases, they will represent you in trial. Other times, they may be able to reach a bargain or plea deal so that you don’t need to present the case at trial. 

Partnering with a lawyer as soon as you know charges are being brought against you is a first priority because it allows them to be ahead of the case and start thinking of solutions. 

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