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The Most Unusual Personal Injury Lawsuits

Posted By SNL Law Group, APC

Most every adult in California knows that a car accident, workplace mishap, or medical mistake that comes about because of another person’s careless actions can result in compensatory damages being awarded to him or her. However, personal injury lawsuits are not required to fall into these traditional categories. Any time one person is injured physically and/or financially as the result of another person’s actions, that injured person may be able to recover monetary damages for his or her losses.


Top Three Unusual Personal Injury Cases

While not every one of the following lawsuits have been successful, they do illustrate the vast variety of cases that can fall under the umbrella of “personal injury” lawsuits:

A woman who visited McKamey Manor in San Diego, which as been dubbed by some as one of the country’s most extreme haunted houses, sued the haunted house and its owners after she claimed she was physically tortured and left with mental scars as a result of her ordeal. The woman claimed she was waterboarded, pushed, and slapped, and that workers of the haunted house did not come to her aid despite her exclamations that she could not breathe.

Donuts have been the subject of several unusual lawsuits (including a suit brought by the family of a boy who was being transported by ambulance to the hospital when the ambulance driver reportedly stopped to purchase donuts), but this suit is certainly bizarre: A Los Angeles County man filed a lawsuit against Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. alleging false advertising after purchasing a blueberry, maple, and raspberry-filled donut and discovering the donuts did not contain any of the fruit or ingredients advertised. (The man’s suit claimed in part that he purchased the raspberry-filled donut because raspberries were a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, potassium, and dietary fiber.)

A woman in Israel sued the weather forecaster after the weatherperson forecasted sunny weather and the woman dressed accordingly. When the weather turned stormy and decidedly cooler, the woman caught the flu and had to miss several days of work as a result, The woman won her suit and recovered a total of $1,000 in damages for her medication, time missed from work, and physical and emotional discomfort.

How Schwartzberg | Luther, APC  Can Assist You or Your Loved One

 Even if the facts and circumstances that ended with you or your loved one being injured seem bizarre or unusual, do not assume that may not be entitled to compensation. Contact your California personal injury recovery team at Schwartzberg | Luther, APC as soon as possible. We can help you understand whether you or your loved one may be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party to obtain monetary compensation. At Schwartzberg | Luther, APC, we will provide you with a realistic assessment of your legal rights and likelihood of success. Call us at (909) 457-4270  to set up your free initial consultation, or contact the firm online.

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