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The Impact of Federal Criminal Convictions

When you’re convicted of a federal crime, the consequences are usually harsh. 

Although it’s no suprise that people convicted of federal crimes regularly face imprisonment and fines, there are many other liberties and rights that a person with a felony can no longer enjoy after conviction. 

Because the stakes are so high, contacting a lawyer with experience working in federal criminal defense is recommended for all people facing a federal criminal charge. 

Whar Are Some of the Consequences of a Federal Criminal Charge?

Facing a federal charge is a scary experience. Fortunately, an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer could help you clear your name, or get the best deal possible for you given the circumstances of the charges you’re facing. 

In terms of the potential consequences of a federal criminal conviction, some of them include:

  • Incarceration – Given that federal prosecutors rarely press misdemeanor charges, incarceration is a real possibility depending on the type of charges you’re facing. Sometimes, charges are serious enough to warrant many years, or even a life-sentence, in federal prison. Mandatory minimum sentences are also levied for specific crimes, and, if applied in setencing, will result in your detention in a federal correctional facility. 

  • Fines/Restitution – The government may confiscate your assets, force you to pay a fine, or force you to pay restitution charges to the victims. 

  • Loss of Right to Vote/Serve on a Jury – In many states, having a felony conviction is tantamount to losing your right to vote in elections for the government. 

  • Loss of Right to Bear Arms – Often, people convicted of a federal crime will be barred form any legal form of gun ownership. 

  • Addition to a Registry – For some crimes, you can be branded as a sex offender and be forced to register with local authorties wherever you live, for the rest of your life. 

  • Loss of Licensing – If you are a attorney, being convited of a federal crime will almost certainly lead to you being disbarred. Also, depending on the charged in question, you may be unable to work in financial services, schools, or in other specific regulated industries. 

Reach Out to a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Have you been charged with a federal crime? You need the help of a robust legal defense if you’re going to have a shot at avoiding the consequences of conviction. 

Call 214-984-3113 to contact a federal crimes lawyer with Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. 

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