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Self Driving Cars Brings Concerns for Safety

Self Driving Cars Brings Concerns for Safety

The Sun posted an article describing the recent news, and possible future, of self driving cars on October 4, 2017. The article recapped how Congress passed a bill on Wednesday September 27, 2017, in which would allow automakers to apply for exemptions to current federal auto safety standards in order to sell up to 15,000 self-driving cars and light trucks per manufacturer, in the first year after passage, according to The Sun. The article also went on to explain that up to 40,000 per manufacturer could be sold in the second year, and 80,000 each year thereafter. Once the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration evaluates the safety performance of the self-driving vehicles, they could further increase the number of vehicles manufacturers can sell.

            Many consumers fear that automakers are making their car buyers guinea pigs or test subjects of pre-mature tests as there are no federal safety standards for these self-driving vehicles because of no current legislation in place. According to the article, it is a fear of the Administration and auto & technology industry officials, that because of the rapid development in technology, new regulations would not be able to keep up as it slows the deployment of self-driving cars. Despite all of the slow and complicated holdups, self-driving vehicles will persist and will begin testing.

            Life as a motorist is changing and most drivers never dreamt self driving cars would be on the road with them due to the complexity of technology needed to be able to make such a vehicle work. It is amazing to think these vehicles could soon be driving on the streets near us or that we or our future generations would find these vehicles and this advanced automotive technology common place. These vehicles will no doubt advance even further, and could be used to help individuals who are disabled or who cannot drive current for any number of medical related conditions as well as many other useful applications not even though of yet.


While self driving vehicles makes life easier, and theoretically safer, there is still a potential for malfunction and accident. Due to a lack of federal safety standards, elements of the vehicles such as sensors and software, that make these cars perfected, could be missing or under developed, causing more likelihood for auto and car accidents to occur. In one malfunction, it could be you or someone you know, caught in a damaging accident. These accidents could be severe and costly. Without set regulations in place, it would be a different climate with regards to auto accident claims case as fully determining the liability has no precedent. It is certain that technology may be close to perfect, but when combined with humans, there is always potential for human error. As these vehicles become more common, it is likely that there will also be accidents and injuries related to their use. In these situations, a personal injury attorney in Upland will be able to help and fight for your rights, whatever the government decides those will be.

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