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Razor Factory Accident Injures Employee

Posted By Denena Points, PC
Razor Factory Accident Injures Employee

Even if your job involves handling dangerous items, you still expect to be safe at work. In an unfortunate recent case, that expectation was not met for a women in Connecticut.

A hospital in New Haven admitted a worker after she got her hand caught in a machine at a Schick razor factory called Edgewell Personal Care.

The Gory Details

A production manager from the factory in Milford told WTNH-TV that the worker had been performing a routine job that Thursday morning when she got her right hand caught in the machine. Emergency crews responded right away.

According to authorities, the machine was off, and it took around 17 minutes to get the woman’s arm out of the machine, even though workers at the factory started disassembling the machine as soon as the accident occurred. Paramedics had to apply a tourniquet before rushing the woman to a hospital.  

A fire official said that, although the woman was bleeding heavily, she was able to remain conscious throughout the incident, which included her receiving advanced life support operations and an IV on site. He also credited workers at the factory with their quick thinking and actions.

After the accident, officials said they notified the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and that OSHA investigators immediately began an investigation of the incident.

Responding to Workplace Injuries

It isn’t yet clear what might have been the cause of the accident—whether it was the machine or just an unsafe procedure. But if the woman’s employer is to blame, she might be able to pursue workers compensation while she recovers from her injuries.

If you have been injured like this at work and it wasn’t your fault, you could also be entitled to compensation. Denena Points, PC has the experience and dedication you need to get justice. Call a Houston workplace accident lawyer at 713-714-5190 or visit our website.

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