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No Public-Private Partnerships, No Paved and Perfected Roads

No Public-Private Partnerships, No Paved and Perfected Roads

         On October 12, 2017, The Sun posted an article in which President Trump’s reversal for public-private partnerships was discussed. The article stated Trump’s change of mind for a proposed $1 trillion worth of infrastructure improvements was because he did not believe that certain partnerships between the private sector and federal government would work. However to many this is the only way to fix the problems of free-way congestion and road imperfections because private investors are willing to provide financial investments to fix these dilemmas for drivers in return for delayed profits. Many are outraged that Trump abandoned his staple from his 2016 campaign because infrastructure investments make it easier for people to get to work, deliver goods, start business which could open jobs for people, and make our economy more productive and sound. According to the article, much of California’s seaports and airports need billions of dollars worth of improvements and much of the interstate highway systems need to be rebuilt and modernized, but will not happen if Trump does not recognize that California needs the public-private partnerships to provide the finances to pave the way to a better infrastructure.


California drivers don't often think about infrastructure, they just use it on a daily basis. California infrastructure, especially for commuters is not only costly to build but also to maintain. When infrastructure is not funded, it can break down and that quickly results in more congested and dangerous driving conditions. Drivers in California feel that they don’t have the needed roads and road improvements to clear up congestion and get to work on a timely matter, as evident by driving any major road in Southern California and specifically the Inland Empire. Some proposals include more toll roads to clear up congestion, better highways in better condition, and even more tunnels in order to shorten the time to get from one place to another. With a better infrastructure comes better productivity which can stimulate a state’s economy and even make a smoother driving environment for commuters and residents alike.


Broken infrastructure causes road hazards which can lead to a higher potential for driving related accidents. Drivers become irritable at having to wait on freeways often nick-named “parking lots”. Irritated motorists can cut in front of each other while trying to make their trip quicker, but in reality all they are doing is putting drivers around them at risk of accidents. These accidents, due to traffic congestion and impatient drivers could cause a substantial amount of vehicle damage as well as personal injury in which both can result in a considerable amount of damage done.


Time will tell if lack of funding contributes to more destruction and increased injury to motorists in California and our already heavily travel Inland Empire roadways. If you or anyone you know was involved in an auto accident due to heavy traffic on crowded roadways and specifically it was at the negligence of another motorist, it is important to know you have rights and entitlement for compensation. It is important find and consult with an experienced auto and car accident attorney in Upland that can represent you in auto and car accident injury related claims.

Justin H. King is an experienced personal injury attorney in Upland, that represents victims throughout the Inland Empire. His firm, the Law Offices of Justin H. King provides representation for victims involved in serious and traumatic auto accidents pertaining, wrongful death claims and other personal injury accident claims. Mr. King vigorously and compassionately represents his injury victims against insurance companies as he has achieved numerous six and seven figure results for his clients. You can visit his website, stop by at his office located at 3633 Inland Empire Blvd., # 250 Ontario, CA 91764, or call the following number 1 909-297-5001 for a free consultation.

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