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Man’s Best Friend Becomes Man’s Worst Nightmare

Man’s Best Friend Becomes Man’s Worst Nightmare

In May, The Sun posted an article describing a dog attack on a ten year old boy as he was walking home from school. Police and the Fontana Animal Services Team responded to a call shortly after 2:30 p.m. to the 14800 block of Woodland Drive for the reported dog bite. When police and animal services arrived on scene, the boy had suffered from severe injuries to the face and head areas. The owner, 36-year-old R. Contreras, was unsure how the dog got out, but he speculates that his children may have left the gate open after taking out the trash, but is not completely sure. Contreras was cited and the dog had been put into quarantine for 10 days. It was unclear and not reported if the dog was to be euthanized after the quarantine period. As for the boy, he was taken to the hospital, treated, and survived the attack.

While dogs are often regarded as people's best friends and beloved family pets, they can potentially cause harm to owners and unsuspecting bystanders. Dogs have predatory instincts and it is in their nature to want to protect their territory, family, and selves in any instance when they feel threatened. When pets are outdoors in a yard, it is possible for them to jump a fence or escape if they are not properly secured. Though owners may take the extra precautions, sometimes it is inevitable and a dog may surpass all of these obstacles and escape.

If a dog is able to escape, it is unsure what they will do when they are wandering about in an area they are not well acquainted with, especially without the control or supervision of their owner. Countless times we have heard of friendly dogs being accused of an attack, most of the time just because they were frightened and trying to protect themselves. Other times dogs are out in their yard trying to protect their property from the people unfamiliar to them. Either way, a dog attack is serious and can even be at times life threatening, especially to small children and elderly persons.

When dogs attack and cause serious injuries, the victims have rights to recover for their damages. Even if the damage is minor, victims are still entitled to compensation to cover the cost of the damage. If you or anyone you know has fallen victim to the bite or attack of a dog, it is important that you find a dog bite injury attorney in Montlcair that can expertly represent you and has experience with dog bite and attack injury cases.

Justin H. King is an experienced Montclair personal injury attorney that represents victims in and around the Inland Empire. His firm, Law Offices of Justin H. King provides representation for victims involved in serious and traumatic accidents pertaining to auto accidents, dog bites, wrongful death claims and more. Mr. King vigorously and compassionately represents his injury victims against insurance companies as he has achieved numerous six and seven figure results for his clients. You can visit his website, schedule an appointment at his office located at 3633 Inland Empire Blvd., # 250 Ontario, CA 91764, or call the following number 1 909-297-5001 for a free consultation.

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