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Interview with Josh Lingsch, Founder of Georgia Children's Defense, LLC

Interview with Josh Lingsch, Founder of Georgia Children's Defense, LLC

Josh Lingsch, Founder of Georgia Children's Defense, LLC. provides his thoughts and insights on the Juvenile Court system in the state of Georgia.

Josh is a Juvenile Defense expert with more than 10 years of experience. He talks about why he chose to specialize in defending youth in Juvenile Court, what the differences are between Juvenile and Adult Courts, and how he approaches a Juvenile Defense case.

He also weighs in on challenges youth face in the Juvenile Court system and what changes he has seen and would like to see in the future. Josh wraps up the interview with advice to parents, coaches, teaches, faith leaders, and other adults that work with children.

For the fill interview, see https://georgiachildrensdefense.com/interview-with-josh-lingsch-our-founder/

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Georgia Children's Defense LLC

Our firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of and seeking justice for Georgia Youth. Our single minded focus on Juvenile Law is what sets us apart from other legal defense firms. Our practice areas are 1) Juvenile Defense, including trials, motion hearings, and appellate cases, 2) Schools Tribunal representation, and 3) Child Dependency hearing representation. Our founder, Josh Lingsch, has extensive experience representing youth in the Juvenile Court systems of Georgia. He started his career as an intern and law clerk for a prominent attorney in the Fulton County Juvenile Court. He went on to practice as a public defender of youth facing the Juvenile Justice system in Fulton County and... View full business profile here: Georgia Children's Defense LLC

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