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How to Vet Your Potential Defense Attorney

How to Vet Your Potential Defense Attorney

When you get arrested, the only thing standing between you and jail is a defence attorney. A good defense attorney should be able to deconstruct the evidence provided by the police and prove your innocence.

We promise you professionalism, confidentiality, and responsiveness when you call our law offices. Therefore, when you ever find yourself caught up by the long arm of the Law, you can count on our law firm to defend you.

Remember, your case is just as strong as the lawyer that you hire. Therefore, it is in your best interest to hire a qualified defense attorney. However,  how do you know that the defence attorney you have hired is worth your time and money?

Consider Whether They Are a Full-Time Criminal Defense Lawyer or Not

There are many fields of law, and different lawyers specialize in different things depending on their interests. When vetting a potential lawyer, look at whether they are full-time defense attorneys or general attorneys. Full-time attorneys are more experienced hence better.

Consider Their Charges

Just like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. If you have committed a serious federal crime requiring hours of work and research, you should hire a serious lawyer. In this case, a serious lawyer will not come cheap. 

Contact an Experienced Defense Attorney

If you have a criminal charge and you would like your rights defended, call the office of Chicago Trusted Attorneys, by dialing 312-931-5411. You can also get in touch by visiting our website https://www.chicagotrustedattorneys.com/.

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