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How to Use Evidence in Your Florida Car Accident Claim

How to Use Evidence in Your Florida Car Accident Claim

Florida is a no-fault insurance state which means, for many car accidents, you must use your personal injury protection insurance before filing a claim against the at-fault driver. Although Florida uses this law to make it easier for individuals to recover compensation, filing a lawsuit is sometimes necessary and acceptable.

If you were severely injured in your car accident, suffered damages that exceeded the limits of your personal injury protection insurance, or experienced property damages not covered by your insurance policy, you can sue the liable party for compensation. A car accident lawyer in Lakeland can guide you through the claims process and help you get the most out of your claim.

At Lopez & Humphries, PA, we’ll use evidence to increase your injury settlement. Without sufficient evidence, it's difficult to prove negligence and recover the money you deserve. 

Witness Testimonies

Witness testimonies can be the deciding factor in whether you win a settlement for your car accident. If you can find strong witnesses to support your claim in court, the judge and jury will have added perspective into what happened at the scene of the wreck. It’s important, however, not to bring witnesses to the stand just for the sake of it. A weak witness can hurt you more than they can help.

Photographs and Video Footage

Photographs and video footage from your accident can be beneficial because they can explain how the wreck occurred, how severe the wreck was, and who was involved in the accident.

If a traffic camera was nearby, you may be able to obtain footage of your collision as it took place. The footage may show that the driver who hit you was distracted or improperly changing lanes. This digital content can support your testimony and strengthen your argument. 

Medical Records

When suing the liable party in your Florida car accident, you must prove negligence and also prove that the liable party’s negligence resulted in your damages. Presenting your medical records as evidence in your case can explain how your injuries occurred and justify why you need the amount of money you’re demanding. Without medical records, your claim for compensation will be less reliable.  

The Police Report

If you have no other forms of evidence in your case, the police report is always a good place to start. When the police arrive at the scene of your wreck, they’ll write up a report with as much information as possible about where the accident occurred, who was involved, the time of the wreck, and how the collision happened.

Because the police create this report, it’s a trusted third-party document. You can use this report in court to verify the details of your case and present those details to the judge. 

Consult a Lakeland Car Accident Lawyer

Without evidence, proving negligence against the at-fault party in your car accident will be difficult. At Lopez & Humphries, PA, we take our time to investigate each case so we can find as much evidence as possible to maximize your settlement. 

To speak with a Lakeland car accident lawyer from our team, call 863-709-8500 to schedule a no-obligation consultation or check out our website for more information.

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