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How to Settle a Child Custody Dispute

How to Settle a Child Custody Dispute

A child custody dispute can be a distressing event, not only for the parents but for the child as well. Legal custody itself entails not only the right to be with your child. It also includes things like the right to make important decisions about your child. So it is important for both parents to get it right.

The best way to resolve a child custody dispute is to explore out-of-court options. There are many ways of sorting out the issue of custody between you and your partner. An out-of-court settlement not only ensures a quick resolution of the problem. It also saves you from the daunting process of a court hearing as well as the significant legal costs that are associated with it.

Here are some alternate legal options you can explore in order to resolve a child custody dispute.


Mediation is a process in which a neutral mediator seeks to bridge the disagreement between both parties. The mediator is typically a person qualified in family law and experienced in custody disputes.

The process involves coming together with your partner in the presence of a mediator. It is an informal meeting and anything said at the mediation can’t be used in the court of law. The mediator first listens to both parties and then tries to bring them together on common ground. Mediation is often effective in resolving the custody issue.

Direct Negotiations

You also have the option of directly sitting down with the other party for a frank discussion. This works best when you both agree to prioritize the child’s interests above everything else. Parents are often able to decide the most suitable terms of custody when they work together.

If there is hostility between you and the other party, you may want to choose formal negotiations. In this case, both parties sit together while their legal representatives are also present. This ensures your rights are protected and your concluded agreement is legally viable.

Parent Coordinator

A parent coordinator is someone who has been appointed by a court to resolve custody-related issues between parents. This typically works once the broad custody terms have already been worked out. The coordinator helps resolve minor issues about child custody, such as who will pick the child from school on a given day.

The coordinator is typically a lawyer or a professional psychologist. The great thing about the intervention of a coordinator is you don’t have to go to a court for minor problems related to your child’s custody. Instead, a few phone calls typically settle these problems.

Why Hire a Child Custody Lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga

Even when your child custody dispute doesn’t end up in a court of law, you will still need the help of a lawyer. A qualified lawyer can be immensely helpful in mediation, negotiation, or any other out-of-court settlement method.

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