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How to Prepare for an Indiana Workers Comp Hearing

If you’ve been injured in the workplace or in connection with your employment, your first financial remedy is to seek workers comp in Indiana. This form of insurance provides wage replacement and medical benefits and was set up to help workers speedily recover compensation instead of having to go through lengthy court processes.

However, worker comp is not given instantly. You’ll still have to prove your claims and the employer’s liability. One of the first steps in the process is the workers comp hearing, and this article will explain how you can prepare for it.

Prepare Your Medical Records

One of the main things you’ll prove in the workers comp hearing is the amount of medical expenses you have and will incur. This means that you’ll have to present your medical records, such as hospital bills and other documents issued by the doctor that can substantiate your condition.

There may also be times when you will need to bring medical devices and equipment that you are now required to use because of your injury. For instance, if your leg was injured and now you need a cane to walk, make sure to bring and present it.

Gather All the Other Necessary Evidence

Another important thing to prove is lost income, both current, and future. A personal injury usually means disability from work, and you’ll want to prove how much income you’ve lost because you were unable to work while recovering.

If you incurred long-term or permanent disabilities that will also prevent you from working in the future, you’ll also want to bring calculations of how much future income you will lose.

Other things to bring include depositions and written statements from doctors and physicians detailing the nature and scope of your injuries. 

You should also expect the other party, usually the employer’s insurance company, to present evidence of their own to counter your claims. If the insurance company brings witnesses, you will get the opportunity to question and cross-examine them, so make sure to prepare well beforehand.

Prepare Your Testimony

A workers comp hearing is not just about written statements. As the injured party, you will directly testify on what happened at the time of the incident and what occurred to you as a result. Your testimony will complement your documentary evidence, so make sure to prepare well ahead.

You will be placed under oath for your testimony, so while it’s important to prepare, it’s more important to be honest about your statements.

Have an Attorney Assist You Throughout the Process

Gathering and preparing all your evidence can be a time-consuming task. If you’ve suffered a work-related personal injury, your focus should be on making a full recovery so you can get back to work.

At Kooi Law, we understand how exhausting it can be to prepare for a workers comp hearing alone and how frustrating it is to have your claim for compensation rejected. Your Indianapolis workers comp lawyer from Kooi Law can help you gather all the important evidence to ensure you are taking your best shot at receiving the benefits of workers comp.

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