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How Much Cocaine Is Considered Trafficking in Florida?

Posted By Hersem Law in Criminal & DUI
How Much Cocaine Is Considered Trafficking in Florida?

Florida is strict when it comes to drug-related charges. When charged with cocaine trafficking, you may be dealing with federal and state-level criminal charges. Handling such cases without a Tampa cocaine possession attorney can hurt your case and leave you struggling to recover for years. 

Besides years in prison and hefty fines, the consequences of being convicted for such a charge could follow you for the rest of your life. But first, let’s understand what’s considered cocaine trafficking in Florida. Once you know what to expect and what charges you’re facing, your lawyer can help you determine the next steps to getting your charges reduced or dismissed. 

What It Means When You're Charged with Cocaine Trafficking

In Florida, a person can be charged with trafficking if they’re found to be in possession, selling, buying, transporting, or manufacturing 28 grams or above of cocaine. In these cases, the quantity of controlled substances discovered makes a big difference in your case. 

Being in possession of cocaine in smaller amounts may leave you with the less severe but still serious charge of possession of a controlled substance. Possession is a third-degree felony, compared to trafficking, which is a first-degree felony.

Penalties for Cocaine Trafficking

The penalties for trafficking drugs like cocaine can be severe, and they can change depending on the quantity of drugs you’re accused of trafficking. Meeting the threshold of trafficking determines the severity of the felony charges. The amount of controlled substances impacts the severity of your penalties. 

If you’re convicted under Florida law, you’ll be facing a first-degree felony, including a minimum amount of time in prison that all offenders must serve. If you meet the threshold for trafficking, you may face at least three years in prison and at least $50,000 in fines. 

But that’s not the maximum sentence you may face. In the most severe cases, you may face a minimum of fifteen years in prison and fines of $250,000. That can be a life sentence to some, who may face decades in prison and financial strain for a lifetime. 

Defenses to Avoid a Conviction

To avoid a conviction, a Tampa cocaine possession and trafficking lawyer can defend you in court depending on your case. Possible defenses for such charges include:

  • The drugs belong to another person
  • The prosecution doesn’t have sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt
  • The police officers violated your constitutional rights through illegal seizures and searches
  • The evidence was obtained through unacceptable methods such as coercion
  • You were entrapped by an undercover police officer
  • You were coerced by someone else
  • You did not know that what you possessed was cocaine
  • You’ve met all the requirements for substantial assistance in drug-related cases

The specific defense for your case will depend on the details of your situation. Your lawyer will review every piece of evidence you have to support your story, to best represent you in the courtroom. 

Call a Cocaine Possession Lawyer in Tampa

Being charged with trafficking cocaine doesn’t automatically mean that you’re guilty and will face the penalties. A seasoned drug lawyer from Hersem Law can defend you in court and see your charges reduced for a less harsh sentence or even dropped altogether. 

Ready to speak with a lawyer about the charges you’re facing? Schedule a free strategy session with an attorney by calling 813-251-7291 or completing the online contact form below.

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