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How Is Compensation Determined in a Personal Injury Case?

How Is Compensation Determined in a Personal Injury Case?

Justice demands that an individual who suffers an injury due to negligent behavior of another should get adequate compensation. This is necessary to ensure that victims cope with their injuries and resume routine lives.

Many factors are assessed when determining how much compensation is due in a personal injury case. Here we will take a look at some of the important factors that are considered when determining the compensation amount.

1. Financial Loss

The starting point of any personal injury compensation case is the financial loss suffered by the victim. The court determines the annual net loss of the victim due to the injury. Both the present and future financial losses are considered in determining the compensation amount.

The financial cost includes loss of income due to the injury. Also, medical costs that are incurred for treatment of the injury are assessed in a personal injury case. The costs of legal and other services are also included in the compensation amount.

2. Gratuitous

In some cases, the family members or relatives may look after the injured person. This service that is given free of charge is also assessed when calculating the compensation amount. The cost is calculated based on the equivalent cost of domestic duties.

The court will assess how much professionals charge for services such as mowing the lawn, doing laundry, cleaning home, caring for the lawn, cooking, and house maintenance etc. If you carried out these tasks yourself before the injury, the costs will be included in the compensation amount.

3. Physical Pain

Physical pain and suffering due to the injury will also be accounted for when determining the personal injury compensation amount. The court will assess the pain that the injured person has suffered or will continue to suffer due to the accident caused due to another person's action or inaction. This is known as compensation for non-pecuniary general damages.

4. Emotional Suffering

Injured persons also undergo great emotional pain. They will experience great sorrow, anguish, and, grief due to the injury. Also, the injured persons may get anxious about their dependent family members. These non-pecuniary general damages are assessed when determining the compensation amount for the personal injury case.

A lot of other factors besides the ones mentioned above are evaluated in a personal injury case. It's essential that you contact a professional personal injury attorney to ensure that you get an adequate compensation for your losses.

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