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How Digital Assets are Transforming Divorce Cases in Houston

How Digital Assets are Transforming Divorce Cases in Houston

Divorce in Houston is evolving rapidly thanks to increasing technology and the ever-changing economy. As a result, digital assets, from cryptocurrencies to online businesses and digital content, have become significant components of marital estates. The unique nature of these assets poses significant challenges for individuals going through a divorce. Dividing digital assets in a divorce isn’t easy, and individuals need to hire an experienced Houston divorce attorney to assist them through the process. 

What Are Digital Assets?

Digital assets are different from traditional assets, such as real estate, vehicles, and physical belongings, due to their intangibility, fluctuating values, and the privacy issues surrounding their ownership and transfer. These types of assets are relatively new, and until recently, divorced couples in Houston didn’t have to worry about these types of assets. 

Digital assets encompass a wide range of items, including but not limited to:

  • Cryptocurrencies: Digital or virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most recognized forms of digital assets. They utilize blockchain technology to secure transactions and control the creation of new units. Cryptocurrencies are known for their high volatility, which can lead to rapid increases or decreases in value.

  • Digital Currencies in Online Platforms: This category includes currencies used within specific online platforms, such as gaming or social media sites, which can sometimes be converted into real-world currency or used to purchase goods and services within the platform.

  • Intellectual Property Related to Online Content: Digital content such as ebooks, digital art, music, and videos sold or monetized online represents another form of digital asset. The ownership rights to these works can be valuable and may generate ongoing revenue streams.

  • Ownership Stakes in Online Businesses: Equity or ownership interests in online businesses, including websites, e-commerce platforms, and other digital enterprises, are significant digital assets. These can range from fully operational businesses to passive income-generating websites.

The Challenge of Valuing Digital Assets

One of the primary challenges in dividing digital assets is their valuation. The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, for example, means their value can fluctuate dramatically in a short period. Additionally, determining the value of digital content or an online business requires expertise in digital markets and an understanding of potential future earnings. 

If you’re going through a divorce in Texas, your family law attorney must find financial experts specializing in digital assets to ensure a fair valuation. They’ll work to account for the value of these assets so that you’re getting a true picture of your marital assets.

How Does Texas Treat Digital Assets During a Divorce?

In Texas, the division of marital property during a divorce is governed by the principle of community property, which mandates that all assets acquired during the marriage be divided equitably between both parties. This principle extends to digital assets, though their unique characteristics introduce specific legal considerations and challenges.

Community Property and Digital Assets

Under Texas law, digital assets acquired during the marriage are considered community property, just like traditional assets. This includes income from cryptocurrencies, revenue generated from online businesses, and any increase in the value of digital assets that occurred during the marriage. Identifying, classifying, and valuing these assets accurately is crucial for a fair division.

In Texas divorces, both parties are obligated to disclose their assets fully. For digital assets, this means providing detailed information about digital wallets, online business ownership, and any digital content that generates income. Given the volatility and complexity of digital assets, couples often need to enlist financial experts specialized in the digital economy to ascertain fair market values. Courts may consider factors such as the date of purchase, the asset's value at the time of separation, and its potential for future appreciation or depreciation.

Failing to disclose digital assets, or any asset, in a Texas divorce can have significant consequences. The court may order sanctions, award a disproportionate share of the marital estate to the other spouse, or, in extreme cases, bring charges of perjury or fraud. These actions affect the immediate division of property and damage an individual's credibility in any custody or support proceedings.

How Can a Houston Family Law Attorney Help?

Divorces are never one-size-fits-all, and that's even truer when dealing with digital assets. A lawyer with experience navigating digital assets can help you find solutions tailored to your situation. Whether you have Bitcoin, make money from online music, or run an e-commerce site, they know what you deal with.

It's easy for digital assets to be hidden or moved without notice, which could be a big problem in a divorce. The right Houston family law attorney will know how to uncover hidden assets and make sure they're divided in a way that's fair to you. They're skilled in managing the legal aspects to protect your rights.

Contact Our Houston Divorce Attorneys Today

At Moving Forward Divorce Lawyers, our Houston divorce lawyers are here to help you through this difficult time. Divorce is challenging, but it also offers an opportunity to reassess and rebuild. Dividing digital assets in a divorce isn’t always easy, but with our help, you can divide your marital assets fairly and move forward into your future. 

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