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Head Injuries in Savannah Motorcycle Accidents

When you’re involved in a serious motorcycle accident, you may have suffered a severe brain injury. That’s a difficult injury to recover from, and it can get costly fast. Because these injuries can be so severe, you may need help overcoming your losses. 

If you suffered a head injury in a Savannah motorcycle accident, you have an opportunity to get help and possibly take your claim to court. If someone else left you with brain trauma, read on to learn more about motorcycle-related injuries and what you can do about them. 

Why Didn’t My Helmet Protect Me? 

Motorcyclists are required, in many states, to wear helmets. You may have been wearing one at the time of your accident, but you’re still seriously injured. So, why didn’t your helmet protect you, even if it meets current safety standards? 

Unfortunately, a serious impact may be too much trauma, and your helmet couldn’t absorb the full impact of the accident. Although it may have saved your life, you may have still suffered because of the accident. 

Even a minor concussion can be serious, so talk to a medical professional even if you feel fine after your motorcycle accident. Your helmet hopefully prevented a severe head injury, but it can still happen even  with the correct protection. 

Long-Term Effects of Motorcycle-Related Head Injuries

If you’ve suffered a serious head injury, you may need to be prepared for a long recovery process. Head injuries aren’t easy to overcome, and it could take some time before you’re back to normal. 

That’s because head injuries affect the control center of your body, from which come all messages, sensations, and commands. A brain injury can cause a range of effects, from speech effects to a loss of motor control. 

Your brain won’t recover easily, and in many cases, you may be unable to fully recover from your injuries. Because of this, you may need rehabilitation care to relearn how to do daily tasks. 

That takes a mental and emotional toll. Not only have you lost some senses, but you may also have suffered a loss of enjoyment of life. You’re unable to do things that once brought you joy, and you may have even lost your independence. 

Suing for your Brain Injury Costs

Suffering from brain trauma in a Savannah motorcycle accident is no laughing matter. Head injuries can be long-term severe losses, leaving you struggling to recover from your injuries. The good news is, a Savannah motorcycle accident lawyer can help you get compensated for your losses. 

At The Nye Law Group, we know it’s head to deal with brain injuries following a motorcycle accident. On top of your suffering, the at-fault party may be unwilling to give you the compensation you deserve. But, suing can be difficult when you’re having memory and motor control issues. 

That’s where our lawyers can help. If you’ve suffered a severe brain injury in a Savannah motorcycle accident, reach out for a free consultation about your claim. Call 912-200-5230 or visit us online for more information. 

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