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Getting Workers Comp Benefits for an Illness

When you're hurt on the job, recovering from your injuries may require workers comp benefits. But what if you weren't injured? Your suffering may not have been so clear-cut. You may have been diagnosed with a serious illness, and now, your health has been damaged by your workplace.

But suing for a work-related illness can be tough, and acting without a Richmond work comp attorney can hurt your chances at compensation. Because of this, you may need to speak with your lawyer about your claim and how to get the benefits you're due.

Proving Your Job Caused the Illness

When you're hurt on the job, you may have clear evidence that you were injured at work. But proving an illness is work related can sometimes be more difficult. Illnesses can be difficult to track, and it can be tough to prove you are ill because of your job.

Proving your illness can be easier for those who work with dangerous substances. For example, miners may be exposed to coal or asbestos, which can be easily breathed in and cause dangerous respiratory diseases. 

Proving these damages may be as straightforward as proving that you're frequently exposed to these riks. If you're struggling to prove your own claim, your lawyer can help you gather medical records and other evidence that can help your claim succeed.

What Benefits Am I Due?

Once you know your illness is work related, you need to know what benefits you're due. If you're not getting the care you need, it can take more time and effort to get the full benefits you're due. Because of this, you and your lawyer may need to focus on these damages first. Below are some of the workers comp benefits you may be due:

  • Medical Care – If you're ill because of your job, you shouldn't have to pay for your illness-related care. Your medical benefits should cover the costs of your medical treatment.

  • Wage Replacement – Your illness may make it difficult or impossible to return to work right away. Your wage replacement benefits should cover a portion of your wages, depending on whether you're ever able to return to work and in what capacity.

  • Death Benefits – If your loved one died because of a serious work illness, you may have grounds for continued wage replacement benefits. These benefits will continue until you remarry or die, and for your children, the benefits will continue until they're eighteen.

Contact a Lawyer About Your Work-Related Illness

When your health is impacted by your job, you need benefits that cover all the losses you wouldn't have suffered if not for your job. But the insurance company may not be so willing to help you recover from the suffering you experienced.

Luckily, your lawyer at Pathfinder Injury Law wants to help you overcome the illness you've suffered and get the workers comp benefits your family is due. If you're struggling to get compensated for your illness, reach out for a free consultation. We can discuss what evidence you need for your work illness claim and how we can represent you in the courtroom. To begin, call 804-505-0633 or visit our website. 

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