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Finding All Liable Parties After a Commercial Truck Accident​

Finding All Liable Parties After a Commercial Truck Accident​

Commercial trucks play a vital role in our economy, transporting goods across the nation's highways. However, when tragedy strikes, and accidents occur, lives are forever changed, and the aftermath can be devastating.

One of the reasons commercial truck accidents are so complex is that they often involve multiple entities, from the trucking company and its employees to manufacturers, maintenance crews, and government bodies. Each one may share the blame, and identifying each party's unique level of responsibility is critical to achieving comprehensive justice.

A thorough investigation is necessary when seeking compensation and justice after a truck accident. For this reason, you need an experienced truck accident lawyer in your corner. While you focus on your recovery, they’ll sift through vast amounts of evidence, reconstructing the sequence of events and gaining insights into the workings of the trucking industry. Through this investigation, your legal team will identify all liable parties and help you collect the compensation you deserve. 

Identifying Potential Liable Parties

After a truck accident, the blame is rarely confined to just one party. Instead, it often involves a complex interplay of multiple parties who may share responsibility for the tragic event. The truck driver's actions and potential negligence, the trucking company's adherence to safety protocols, the maintenance crew's diligence in keeping the vehicle roadworthy, and even the manufacturers of truck parts – all may play a role in contributing to the accident. Identifying these various liable parties is essential in the pursuit of justice and fair compensation for the victims and their families. 

Driver Liability

One of the key aspects in determining liability in a truck accident is assessing the actions and potential negligence of the truck driver. Factors such as speeding, reckless driving, distracted driving, or driving under the influence can significantly contribute to the cause of the accident. 

The qualifications and training of the truck driver are crucial considerations in any accident investigation. Commercial truck drivers must meet certain standards and obtain the appropriate licenses and certifications. 

Truck drivers are subject to federal regulations concerning their service hours to prevent driver fatigue and drowsy driving. These regulations dictate the maximum hours a driver can be on the road without rest. An investigation may uncover that the driver exceeded these hours and broke FMSCA regulations

Trucking Company Liability

Trucking companies have a responsibility to ensure they hire qualified and competent drivers. Failure to follow robust hiring and training practices can expose the company to liability if an accident occurs due to inadequate driver qualifications. 

Trucking companies are subject to various federal and state regulations that promote road safety. These regulations cover service hours, load limits, vehicle maintenance, and drug testing for drivers. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in accidents and hold the company liable for neglecting its duty to ensure safe operations.

Another crucial aspect of trucking company liability is their safety and maintenance records. Regular vehicle inspections and maintenance are essential to prevent accidents caused by mechanical failures. By carefully reviewing the company's safety and maintenance records, your attorney can determine whether negligence in these areas contributed to the accident.

Vehicle Manufacturer or Maintenance Company Liability

When holding vehicle manufacturers or maintenance companies liable, a critical aspect is examining whether the accident was caused by defective parts or equipment. Defects in truck components, such as brakes, tires, steering systems, or other crucial parts, can lead to catastrophic accidents.

Maintenance companies must thoroughly check each truck in the fleet and address any issues promptly. If a truck accident occurs due to inadequate maintenance or failure to conduct proper inspections, the maintenance company may be liable for the damages.

Cargo Loading Company Liability

Loading companies must ensure that the cargo is loaded correctly and that the truck is balanced and not overloaded before it hits the road. They must also ensure it is secured properly so it doesn’t shift during transit. Improperly loaded cargo can significantly affect a truck's balance and stability, making it more prone to accidents, such as jackknife truck accidents. 

Government Entities or Contractors

If the road is poorly designed, with inadequate signage, dangerous intersections, or improper lane markings, it can increase the risk of accidents. Failure to maintain the road, such as addressing potholes, uneven surfaces, or worn-out traffic signals, can also contribute to hazardous conditions. 

Accidents in construction zones are common due to temporary traffic patterns, reduced speed limits, and potential obstructions. It is the responsibility of government entities or contractors managing the construction to implement proper safety measures and provide clear warnings to drivers. 

Third-Party Driver 

In truck accidents, liability may extend beyond the truck driver and involve other third-party drivers. If another driver's negligence or reckless behavior contributes to the accident, they may be liable for their actions. Distracted driving, speeding, lane violations, or failure to yield are examples of actions that can result in commercial truck accidents. 

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