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Fighting a Traffic Ticket in Chicago

Traffic tickets are typically issued when you commit a traffic violation, such as speeding, driving too fast for conditions, and improper lane change. At the time, you may not take a traffic ticket seriously. After all, it only adds a certain number of points to your license. However, the traffic points can add up over time and have an impact on your driving privileges.

This is why it is important to fight a traffic ticket. In many cases, the officer issuing the ticket may not have sufficient cause to do so. In other cases, the ticket may simply be a mistake. You will need to get legal help and contest the ticket in these scenarios.

Here is a look at how traffic tickets can impact your driving privileges and auto insurance rates.

Penalties and Points for Illinois Traffic Tickets

The points you get on your license depend on the type of violation you allegedly committed. If you get a ticket for speeding, you may get anywhere between 5 and 50 points. For a speed limit violation of 1 to 10 mph above the limit, you get 5 points. A violation of above 35mph beyond the speed limit earns you 50 points on the license.

More importantly, these points add up over time. When a sufficient number of points add up, you face immediate license suspension.

If you get 15 to 44 points within 12 months, you face a license suspension of 2 months. As the points increase, so does the duration of the suspension. For 100 to 109 points, the license suspension period is one year. Your driving license is revoked for good if you get more than 109 points within one year. If you are under 21, 80+ points lead to license revocation.

Losing your license can have a huge impact on your life. You may be forced to take a rideshare or bus to work, incurring additional costs and losing comfort and schedule flexibility.

Impact of Traffic Ticket on Insurance Rates

In addition to license points and suspension, traffic tickets also affect your auto insurance rates. Your insurance company may decide you are a higher-than-average risk due to the traffic violations. This can induce the company to increase your insurance rates or even dropping your coverage.

This is another reason why you shouldn’t accept a traffic ticket and instead contest it. If you are successful in contesting the citation, you may receive no points and your auto insurance rates will be unaffected.

How Can a Chicago Traffic Attorney Help?

If you have been issued a traffic ticket in Chicago, consider legal assistance to fight the infractions. Contesting the ticket can be a daunting process and you may not do very well on your own. A qualified lawyer can help you have the ticket dismissed altogether or seek reduced fines.

Get in touch with a Chicago traffic attorney today to discuss your traffic ticket. Call (312) 626-0540 or visit our website for a free consultation.

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