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Fatal Accident In Pacoima Takes The Life Of A 3 Year Old Child

Fatal Accident In Pacoima Takes The Life Of A 3 Year Old Child

The Los Angeles Times released an article reporting a fatal accident occurring in the City of Pacoima on Friday evening at about 4:27 p.m.  A three year old boy and his father were crossing the roadway near the intersection of Varna and Chase Street, when a vehicle struck them. The father suffered only minor injuries that did not require hospitalization.  His young son, however, was taken to an area hospital where he later died. The faulty driver stopped and called for emergency aid but then fled the scene before authorities could arrive.   The names of all parties have been withheld and an investigation is being conducted.

These horrible accidents devastate families who lose a loved one, especially so young. For ages, parents make sure to grab their children by the hand to ensure they do not wander into traffic and remain protected, but sometimes that is not enough. The unpredictability of drivers can make the simple act of crossing a roadway a nightmare. Advances in technology and drivers becoming more distracted in their vehicles, is causing an increase in these tragic accidents.  In the accident in Pacoima, a family has lost their son and will be forever changed.  Losing a child is heartbreaking and leaves a hole in the family that will last a lifetime.  Healing is a long and painful process of trying to pick up the pieces and cope with the aftermath of something that may have been avoidable.

The accused driver in this incident made the correct choice by stopping and calling for emergency aid, but like so many drivers, he became frightened and fled the scene before the police arrived.  So, even though he initially took the correct steps by calling for help, he still may face strong criminal charges as well as a DMV administrative action to revoke his driver license. When a driver is involved in an accident resulting in a fatality, the DMV is notified.   The department is required to take action against the faulty driver if he caused or contributed to the accident.

The first step the DMV will take is to notify the driver that his license is being revoked for Negligent Operation. If the driver elects to defend himself against the loss of his driving privilege, he is required to make a formal request for an Administrative Hearing. The DMV Administrative Hearing Process can be a very confusing and troubling legal battle that is difficult to understand and navigate.  Few California drivers have the knowledge or experience to handle such a proceeding on their own.  By engaging the services of a DMV Defense Expert, an accused driver stands a better chance of keeping their driving privilege intact.  

If you or someone you know is facing the loss of a driver license following a fatal traffic accident like the one described above, it is crucial to find a DMV Defense Expert to assist you. You will need the assistance of a dedicated, knowledgeable, and trustworthy representative to ensure the best outcome for your case. California Drivers Advocates is a team of DMV defense advocates that defend drivers at the DMV Administrative Hearings when their driving privilege is at risk of suspension or revocation. Rob Collier is the President and CEO of California Drivers Advocates. He and his firm are dedicated and highly experienced in all forms of Administrative Hearings. Visit Rob and his team at their website or contact them at 1-888-281-5244. They will be happy to answer any questions you may with no cost or obligation.

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