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DUIs and the Driver's License

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DUIs and the Driver's License

DUIs and the Driver’s License

In Michigan, many people arrested for driving under the influence are concerned with the impact a conviction will have on their driver’s license. 

The reality is most people convicted for a first-offense operating while intoxicated will not be sentenced to jail. They will suffer driver’s license sanctions. To some people, any sort of driver’s license suspension that keeps them off the road will hurt them at work and in their personal lives.

That’s why most people who come to my office after a DUI arrest want to know what will happen to their driver’s license.

Driver’s License Sanctions

The driver’s license sanction received will depend on the particular DUI charge a person is convicted of.

Here is an explanation of the consequences of the three most common OWI convictions.

OWI High BAC – 45-day suspension, followed by a restricted license for a year. The driver must install an ignition interlock, which is a device that detects alcohol before the car starts. Six points will be added on the driver’s record.

Operating While Intoxicated – 30-day suspension, with an additional five months with a restricted license. Six points will be added to the driving record.

Operating While Visibly Impaired – No suspension. Three months on a restricted license. Four points will be added to the driving record.

As you can, operating while visibly impaired carries the least amount of driver’s license consequences. If you will be stuck with a conviction, OWVI is the charge that will hurt your license the least. 

Operating While Intoxicated with a High BAC comes with very strict and consequences. Most people find it embarrassing to put such a device in the car. 45-day suspension plus a year on a restricted license far exceeds the consequences of the other two. 

Protect Your License

Avoiding the driver’s license sanctions is important. It is worth your time and effort to take the DUI charge seriously. Speak with a lawyer, learn your options, see what you can do to defend the DUI charge at all costs.

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