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DUI May Be Cause of Injury Crash in Jurupa Valley

DUI May Be Cause of Injury Crash in Jurupa Valley

On October 22nd City News Service published an article on the Press-Enterprise local news feed about a suspected impaired driver who caused a head on crash, law enforcement stated. The article reported that the automobile accident was reported at about 2:30 am on Saturday on Country Village Road in Jurupa Valley, Riverside County. Law enforcement’s statement simply stated that the initial reports had the accused drunk driver traveling north on County Village Road and then drifted over the center lane into on-coming traffic that was traveling south-bound. After the crash, the passengers in both vehicles were rushed to local medical facilities to receive medical treatment for their injuries. The article closed by conveying that based on evidence gathered at the scene of the accident, drugs and or alcohol may have contributed to the crash.

It is important to remember is that when you or loved ones are driving responsibly, someone else who is not can quickly have a major impact on your life. Drivers in California hit the roads every day, most of them with the intentions of getting to their destination safely without incident. The problem is careless drivers who have no regard for others.  Dangerous situations increase when drivers use drugs and or alcohol.  As drivers, we need to remember that no matter how safe we think we can be, it isn’t always within our control to avoid an accident and possible injury. When other drivers are intoxicated, they lack the ability to react quickly to avoid dangerous situations should they arise.

At an automobile accident scene, law enforcement investigations always focus on the cause of the crash.  The article stated that Sheriffs were led to believe alcohol or drugs were involved based on evidence they had gathered. This emphasizes the fact that as soon as a driver is suspected of DUI, law enforcement is working to build a criminal case against the suspect.

Before the driver was released from the hospital, it is safe to assume that blood chemical test evidence was gathered, witness statements were recorded, and investigative reports were written.  These items of evidence will be examined by the District Attorney when deciding whether to prosecute an alleged DUI driver in criminal court.  Thus, it is in the best interest of the driver accused of DUI to start planning a defense and hire an expert DUI defense attorney.  The more time the defense attorney has to investigate the circumstances of the auto accident, and investigate the accuracy and reliability of any chemical test results, the better the chance for a favorable outcome for the accused driver. 

If you or someone you know has been charged with, or you believe that you may be charged with a DUI, reaching out and consulting with an expert DUI defense attorney will provide you a better understanding of your rights, responsibilities and any special nuances regarding your situation.

About the Author:  Attorney Manuel J. Barba has been awarded the prestigious Forensic Lawyer-Scientist designation by the Chemistry and Law division of the American Chemical Society (ACS-CHAL), and is the ONLY DUI Defense Attorney in the Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Imperial County areas with this designation, which gives him the knowledge and expertise to defend you or someone you may know.  Manuel J. Barba, DUI Attorney serving Alhambra Court and surrounding. For more information on the Law Offices of Manuel J. Barba, you can visit their website or call 866-442-2722 for a free consultation.

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