Do You Have to Go to Court for a Car Accident in Baton Rouge?

Auto wrecks happen every day in Baton Rouge, and no one wants to experience one. Although the accident itself is terrifying and traumatic, it’s often over in a matter of seconds. What follows the accident is a life in shambles, and this can last much longer than the accident. Many people deal with a lot of stress trying to obtain compensation for an accident.

They worry about their bills and about when they can return to work. They wonder how they will pay for all of their accident related losses. They also worry about whether they will have to go to court in order to receive the money they need to pay for their accident. 

If you are worried about going to court, you aren’t alone. Try not to worry, though. Car accident cases rarely go to trial. Even if your case does go to trial, your attorney will prepare you for court before you ever step into the courtroom. They will help you to understand the process and can guide you through the procedure of testifying in court.

Why Would a Car Wreck Case Go to Trial?

Car accident cases can usually be settled outside of the courtroom, but every once in a while a case will go to trial. Why do some cases go to trial? There are different reasons for car accident cases going to trial.

One reason a case might go to trial is if the insurance company feels like you don’t have enough evidence to back up your version of events. Maybe the insurer adjuster doesn’t think their insured driver was at fault. 

Another reason a case might go to trial is if the insurance company feels like your injuries aren’t as serious as you claim. The adjuster may feel that you are requesting too much compensation for your injuries. This might be able to be resolved with more medical evidence.

Another reason a case might go to trial is if you feel like the insurance company isn’t offering you a fair settlement. Perhaps the company refuses to budge on a settlement amount, and you don’t feel like it’s fair value for your damages.

Another reason a case might go to trial is if an insurance company is denying your claim altogether or they are saying you caused the auto wreck. You might go to court to prove that you didn’t cause the accident and that are owed damages for your accident.

The Court Process for a Car Accident Case

The court process can be intimidating so the main steps have been listed below for your convenience.

  • Jury selection

  • Opening statements/oral arguments

  • Evidence and witness presentation

  • Cross-examination

  • Closing statements/oral arguments

  • Jury deliberation

  • Verdict/award

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