Do I have to hire an attorney to help me with my divorce case?

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Do I have to hire an attorney to help me with my divorce case?

Over the last nine years, I have had conversations with many people filing for divorce or in the middle of a divorce case in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, and Orange County. A question I am often asked is if an attorney is required to file for divorce and many are surprised that an attorney is not required. I generally explain that a person can handle almost any court case on their own without the assistance of an attorney, whether it is a divorce, a probate case, a civil case, or a landlord-tenant case, to name a few.

However, there are many benefits to hiring a divorce attorney, just like there are benefits to hiring a CPA to help you complete and file taxes, hiring a mechanic to rotate your tires, or hiring a contractor to remodel your bathroom. A professional has the time to devote to your case, the resources to provide, the knowledge to share, the advice to give, and can give you peace of mind.


Being a family law attorney is my full-time job. I work on family law cases from the beginning to the end of my work day. My time is devoted day in and day out to family law filings, requests, motions and judgments. I have the time available to work on cases. Many clients have their own full-time jobs, whether it is in the home or outside of the home and often do not have time to devote what is required to their case.

As you may already know, family law is paperwork intense. The case starts with filing the Petition for Dissolution, followed quickly by the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosures, and then any Request for Order a party believes is necessary. When you are not able to devote time to your case, mistakes are made. When you do not have time to devote to your case, the case might not resolve as quickly as it can. When you are unable to devote time to your case, you might not get orders that you need, when you need them.

Having an attorney who is able to devote time to your case will provide value by moving issues forward, by resolving matters if possible, and by getting you a much-needed order from the court.


As I mentioned above, family law is very paperwork intense and, depending on the issues in your case, you may have several court appearances. From the court filings, to the disclosures, to discovery, to motions and other court time, a family law case can fill multiple files, depending on the issues. Unless you have a home office or access to a computer and a printer, among other things, being involved in family law litigation can mean spending a lot of time and money at Kinko’s or Fed-Ex or a local print shop or library or in court.

Law Office of Taylor B. Warner, APLC is designed to handle a family law case. From access to questionnaires, to computers and printers, to a case management system, to form building programs, to court case information, our attorneys will provide value because of the resources available to him or her. You will not have to worry about how you will print your pay-stubs or your taxes and you will not even have to attend every court appearance.


For most people, a divorce case is often their very first experience with the California court system and it can be very intimidating and overwhelming. Not only does California have its own laws and procedures, but each county, each court, and each courtroom often have local rules and procedures for certain types of cases. In addition to the court system, the body of law that applies specifically to family law is vast – with issues regarding custody and visitation, domestic violence, property characterization, tax implications, real estate, business evaluation. Unless you are an experienced family law attorney, you cannot be expected to know all of the above.

Having an attorney is beneficial because we have the knowledge; the legal knowledge, the practical knowledge, and personal knowledge. We can tell you where to be and at what time and what to wear. We can tell you what to expect from certain judges, whether it is to be there at 8:00 a.m. or whether you should cover up your tattoos.


Family law is not black and white. Some issues in a family law case may be more “cut and dry” than others; however, in family law, many things can affect the decision-making process for a person. For instance, giving up the right to 50% of the community estate in to prevent further custody litigation may be a worthwhile decision for a client.

An attorney has the job of advocating in court for you, but also an attorney should also “counsel” you. What is the best step legally? What is the best step realistically? What is the best step for YOU? Conversations like these happen all day in our office. We understand that clients have concerns that extend beyond the courtroom and beyond the present moment.


One of the reasons I wanted to become an attorney is that I love helping people solve problems. I want to provide service to my clients that helps them sleep at night or gives them confidence walking into the courtroom. I want to provide my clients with knowledge that allows them to make informed decisions.

When you decide to hire an attorney, you are giving up some responsibility and gaining some peace. If you do not have that right now, you need to find it. Going through a family law case is different than most types of cases, given the emotional aspect which usually is present in family law cases. If you need support while you are going through divorce, going to therapy and talking with family and friends is very important.

However, one of the best ways you can take care of yourself emotionally in a family law case is to hire. Hire an attorney who gives you peace of mind and confidence in the decisions you will be making regarding your life and your family.

In conclusion, ask yourself again – do you need to hire an attorney? No, but you get what you pay for. Hire an experienced family law attorney and your investment will pay off. It can be the difference in your case – you will avoid wasting precious time by inadequate preparation and you can share the burden that comes with an emotional time in your life. Call our office to schedule a free initial consultation at 909-466-5575.

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