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Common Roadblocks in Work Comp Claims

Common Roadblocks in Work Comp Claims

A serious work injury should be covered by your workers comp benefits. But that doesn’t mean it’s always a smooth path from injury to recovery. You may have trouble getting the funds you need which can make recovery impossible. 

When there are obstacles in your way, reach out for a workers compensation law firm to guide you. Below are some of the roadblocks you may face with your work comp claim and how we can help. 

Lack of Evidence 

In some cases, you may have received a denial letter because there simply wasn’t enough evidence to support your claim. To get your workers comp benefits, you may need to prove you were injured, and that you were injured during the scope of your work duties. 

For example, you may have been injured in a fall off a ladder at your place of work, injuring your back. If no one saw the fall and you didn’t report the accident right away, you may need a lawyer to help you seek out the evidence you need for your work comp benefits. 

Time Limits to Report 

Many workers don’t realize how tight their deadlines are until it’s too late. You may have grounds for a workers comp claim, however, but did you file on time? Workers only have thirty days to report their accident to their employer. If you don’t file on time, you may lose your chance to seek benefits. 

But your time may not have run out, or your employer is the one who failed to report your accident to the insurer after your initial report. Because this is a time-sensitive situation, reach out to a lawyer if you’re worried about acting within the time limits or if you suspect someone else is not following these rules. 

Disagreements with the Insurance Company 

You acted on time, but what if the insurance company still thinks your claim does not warrant the benefits you’re due? They could claim you’re not as seriously injured as you are, or claim you’re ready to return to work when you’re not able. 

Unfortunately, insurance companies may prioritize their profits before they consider your recovery. Because of this, you may need a lawyer’s help to appeal their decisions and get the funds you’re due when you’ve been hurt on the job. 

Smooth Out Your Workers Comp Claim with a Lawyer

When a work accident has left you injured and suffering, getting the funds you need for a full recovery can be tough. The insurance company may be unwilling to cover the costs of your injuries, and other factors may make it tough to act now. That can lead to a lost claim. 

At Kooi Law, we know it’s tough to get over these roadblocks when working on a workers comp claim. That’s why we offer the tools and tips you need to get covered and overcome your injuries. When you’re ready to work with a lawyer, reach out for a free consultation by calling 317-569-1335 or by visiting us online. 

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