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Common Mistakes Injury Victims Make in Car Accident Claims

At a time in your life when you may be struggling with a debilitating injury, exorbitant financial losses, and coping with the trauma of the accident you were involved in, it’s easy to see how such pressure might cause you to make mistakes when seeking compensation for your damages. 

Even the slightest error could be damaging to your lawsuit. Continue reading to learn more about some of the most common mistakes injury victims make with their car accident claims so you can work to avoid them. 

Waiting to See a Medical Professional

Probably the most common mistake made by those involved in accidents is failure to seek medical care immediately after the accident. In most cases, the victim will say that they feel fine and don’t need to be seen by a medical professional. 

But, many injuries aren’t immediately noticeable, as is often the case with whiplash injuries, organ failure, internal bleeding, and some spine or brain injuries. Later, when the injuries become more evident and the victim heads to their doctor or the hospital, their injuries are often far worse than they would have been with immediate treatment.

This clearly doesn’t go over well in court in which the personal responsible for causing your accident could argue that you are to blame for the extent of your injuries because you didn’t get treatment right away. The best way to protect yourself is to be seen by a medical professional, regardless of how you feel at that moment.

Being too Friendly with the Insurance Adjuster

When filing your claim with the insurance company, you’ll probably have a friendly chat with the insurance adjuster. It seems reasonable that they are looking out for you and want to help you get the most out of your claim.

Sadly, the insurance adjuster isn’t on your side, and they have even been known to use this friendliness against you in an attempt to make it seem as though you have admitted fault in some way. 

Don’t make the mistake of being too friendly with the insurance adjuster working your car crash claim. Have your lawyer handle all communications with the insurance company so you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of.

Misrepresenting Their Losses

You want to do everything possible to maximize your injury settlement, but if you go into your case overexaggerating or diminishing the extent of your injuries, you’re sure to lose. 

When an injury victim is making their injury out to be far worse than it is, or overexaggerating the extent of their losses, it is generally very easy to tell, and the judge presiding over your case will see right through the facade. 

This can have a negative effect on your award. But, minimizing the impact that the accident and your injuries have had on your life is just as big of an issue. Many injury victims will brush off some losses as not a big deal, but the fact is that you should be compensated for every single loss. 

Protect your injury claim by reviewing your financial and non-financial losses with your attorney in great detail, and be prepared to seek a fair compensation settlement.

Meet with a Car Accident Lawyer in New Orleans

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