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Common FAQ's About Divorce

Posted By PJF LawGuide in Family Law
Common FAQ's About Divorce

Every couple faces different challenges during their divorce proceedings. And to be honest, every single case of divorce is unique, but many people have the same questions about what to expect from the process and whether an Indianapolis divorce lawyer is necessary. 

How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

After evaluating your case, your divorce lawyer should be able to give you an idea about the total cost. More contentious proceedings naturally cost more because the negotiations tend to drag on, resulting in higher fees. With attorney's fees and court costs added in, most people end up spending at least a couple of thousand dollars on their divorce.

Divorce vs. Legal Separation: What is the Difference?

Legal separation preserves both parties' status as spouses. Divorce terminates the marital relationship and removes both parties from married status.

Separation agreements include all issues decided in a divorce. A separation usually consists of property division, debt division, child support, spousal support, and child custody arrangements. Separation by law is an option that can be used by couples who have already decided they can no longer live together and are uncertain if a reunion is a viable option after the divorce. After you have completed a legal separation, it is easy to convert it into a divorce later.

Who Lives in the House During Divorce?

Cohabiting during the divorce process may be an option for some couples. Depending on how large the house is, one spouse might be able to live in a separate room. Many couples who divorce do not wish to live together again and they face a dispute over whose house they want to remain in.

In case either spouse requests "exclusive possession" of the marital residence, neither party needs to agree on who gets to stay in the marital residence. Unless it is granted express permission by the in-spouse or court order, the opposing spouse cannot live or enter the marital home if the court decides that one party has exclusive possession rights.

How Long Will the Divorce Proceedings Last?

Upon filing all documents for divorce, the divorce must be finalized within 60 days. You will ultimately need to wait for as long as necessary depending on the court’s current caseload and judge availability, as you need one to sign the final Decree of Dissolution.

Should I Hire a Divorce Attorney?

Even though you do not have to hire an Indianapolis divorce lawyer to file for divorce, A divorce attorney pays for itself, so keep that in mind if you have concerns about cost. A seasoned attorney will protect your financial interests and can secure a much larger settlement amount than you could have achieved alone.

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