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Collecting Evidence at a Car Accident Scene

Collecting Evidence at a Car Accident Scene

If you have been in a car accident, you know how difficult it can be for everyone involved. During the stress of this time, it’s also difficult to react correctly when emotions and stress are high. Many people find after the car accident, they could have taken measures to help ensure a quicker resolution. Knowing what evidence to collect from the scene is crucial for the insurance process. 

Documenting the Scene 

The best way to document the scene is to get law evidence involved. Even if the accident is minor, you should call law enforcement so there is documentation of exactly what happened at the scene. The law enforcement will also take the contacts of witnesses and take statements from them about what they saw. 

You should also call medical treatment facilities. Even if you don’t think you have injuries, seeking medical treatment is crucial. Sometimes the adrenaline and shock of an accident can make it difficult to realize you’re hurt.

Calling the paramedics can ensure you get everyone checked out and that any injuries are treated and documented immediately.

Once you start seeking medical care or if you need repeat care, make sure to keep records of doctor visits and the costs. You can also keep all the paperwork from the doctor’s office and the receipts to make sure there is documentation of the costs of your medical care. 

Additional Evidence 

If you plan to file a claim against another party, you will need to get documentation from the insurance company about liability. You will also need all the information from the other insurance company. 

You don’t need to talk to the at-fault driver directly though, and in fact, you shouldn’t. You can get their information from car accident reports, or you can have your lawyer get the information about them. 

Partnering with a lawyer can make the process of gathering evidence much easier. They can contact the insurance adjusters for you and the other parties. They can also prepare witness statements if the witnesses need to come to court if your lawsuit happens to go to trial.

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