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Can It affect My Car Crash Lawsuit if I'm Partially at Fault?

When you’re hurt in a serious car Alabama car accident, your health, safety, mental wellbeing, and finances are on the line. You’ve suffered serious injuries and need expensive medical treatment, leaving you struggling to recover. 

But what if you’re partly at fault for the accident? You may suspect you weren’t paying enough attention to the road. In these cases, saying the wrong thing to an insurer can impact your claim and compensation, leaving you unable to recover financially through your car accident lawsuit. 

That’s why it’s important to let your car accident law firm do the talking. Your lawyer can help you protect your finances and get the help you need when you’re hurt. 

Comparative Negligence Laws in Alabama

Alabama is one of only a few states with a harsh contributory fault statute. If you are found partially at fault, your compensation could be at stake. That leaves you paying out of pocket for your injuries, even if you weren’t the one who caused the accident.

Other states, in contrast, have comparative negligence laws that reduce the amount of compensation you may receive for your injuries. In these cases, being distracted behind the wheel may only reduce your funds by a certain percent. In Alabama, any amount of fault may be a total loss. Your lawyer can work to ensure you avoid accepting any portion of blame.

Protecting Your Claim from Claims of Fault 

Because state laws are so strict about partial fault in car accidents, you need to act now to protect your future. That means taking the right steps to prove you weren’t at fault for your car accident and that you’re still due funds for your injuries, property damage, and emotional anguish. 

That means you and your lawyer need to focus on gathering evidence as soon as possible after your car accident. You may gather any of the following, among other types of evidence: 

  • Photos 

  • Police reports 

  • Eyewitness accounts 

  • Expert witness testimony 

  • Physical evidence from the scene 

Once you’ve gathered the evidence needed to protect your claim from accusations of fault, and settlement negotiations with the liable party fails, you could be required to take your claim to court. In the courtroom, your lawyer will represent your best interest and fight for justice in your name. Rather than struggling to prove you weren’t at fault, your lawyer can present your evidence and use their experience in the courtroom to help your claim succeed. 

Talk with a Lawyer about Protecting Your Claim 

When you’re hurt in a car accident, proving you weren’t at fault for the accident is a key part of your claim. In Alabama, accepting fault can lead to zero compensation, leaving you to pay out of pocket for the suffering you were put through by another driver, party, or entity. 

Because of this, consider speaking with the lawyers at the Henry Dailey Law Firm now, not later. We have the tools to defend your case and protect your opportunity to get compensated for your suffering. We even offer free consultations, so speak with us before you make any decisions about your claim. When you’re ready, call 205-995-2412 or visit us online. 

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