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Brain and Spine Injury Lawyer in Orange County

Brain and Spine Injury Lawyer in Orange County

Brain and spine injuries can result in permanent disability. These injuries generally make a person incapable of earning a livelihood and can have a devastating effect on not just the victim, but the entire family. Whether the injury had occurred due to intentional or negligent behavior of another person, justice demands that the victim is compensated for the injuries.

Legal Process Involved in Brain and Spine Injuries

Brain and spine injuries can have lifelong consequences. The injuries usually happen as a result of a penetrating head or back injury. The severity of the injury depends on the part of the head or back that was hurt during the accident. Some of the cases that can result in brain and spine injuries include the following.

  • Machinery failures
  • Falls
  • Product defects
  • Accidents at construction site
  • Bicycle, car, truck or motorcycle accident
  • Accident at the playground
  • Physical attack
  • Medical errors such as surgical errors

In any of the above cases, you can sue the person or institution responsible for the injury to get compensation for the physical, financial, and psychological pain.

How to Prove Fault in Case of Brain and Spine Injuries?

While not every injury is caused due to the action of others, most of the injuries involving the head and the back can be traced back to a person or in some cases a Corporation. Make sure that you collect as much information as possible about the brain and spine injuries. Collect evidence that can help in providing proof to the following cases:

  • Cause of the brain and spine injury
  • Extent of the brain and spine injury

The more evidence you have regarding the brain and spine injury, the stronger will be your case. Evidence can include photographs, medical bills, salary slips, among others.

As a victim, you have the onus of proving that the injury occurred due to another person's action. You must present a strong case to show to the jury how some product or someone else's action or inaction resulted in an injury. This is the task that you should better leave to a professional personal injury lawyer.

Why Hire an Experienced Attorney for Brain and Spine Injury Cases?

If you or a family member was seriously injured in Orange County, you should consider hiring an experienced attorney for brain and spine injury cases. An experienced personal injury lawyer will know what evidence to gather to prove the fault of another. The attorney will know exactly what evidence is required to prove without any reasonable doubt that the defendant was responsible for the serious brain and spine injury.

In case you reside in Orange County, CA, you can contact Shield Litigation, LLP. We have experienced lawyers who focus in personal injury and brain & spinal injury cases. For a free, no-cost consultation regarding your case, you can contact us by dialing (714) 728-3385.

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