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Arizona Family Law Attorneys

Phoenix, Arizona, 85004

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Arizona Family Law Attorneys
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2727 N 3rd St
Phoenix, Arizona, 85004
United States

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About Arizona Family Law Attorneys

Divorces usually mix difficult legal challenges with emotions and acrimony. If children are involved, divorce is even more difficult. It helps to have an Arizona divorce attorney who is understanding and sensitive to your emotions, but your attorney must also be aggressive while protecting and representing your interests and rights. At Arizona Family Law Attorneys, we help clients with divorce and with the entire range of family law matters including legal separation, alimony (“spousal maintenance”), child custody, child support, visitation rights, guardianship, paternity, and adoption. If you are divorcing, or if you are involved in any family law dispute, you should promptly contact an Arizona family lawyer with Arizona Family Law Attorneys.

In any family law dispute, you need a candid, experienced advocate on your side – an Arizona family law attorney who will protect your rights and your best long-term interests. At Arizona Family Law Attorneys, our practice is devoted to family law. We devote all of our resources and attention to protecting our clients’ rights in a divorce, an adoption, a custody dispute, or any other matter of family law. We are skilled at finding the best possible resolution to family-related legal disputes, no matter how legally or emotionally difficult those disputes may be.

In many divorces, the division and distribution of marital assets, properties, and debts is in dispute. Under Arizona law, all of the assets and debts that a couple acquires during a marriage belong equally to both. Unlike some states, Arizona does not require the division of marital assets and debts in a divorce to be precisely fifty-fifty, but the division of marital property and debts must be “fair” and “equitable.” The courts take a number of factors into account when property, assets, and debts are divided, and judges have substantial discretion. An Arizona divorce attorney with Arizona Family Law Attorneys will take whatever legal steps are necessary to ensure a genuinely fair division of marital properties, assets, and debts.

The Arizona Family Law Attorneys team includes Shawnna R. Riggers, who founded Arizona Family Law Attorneys in 2010. The Family Lawyers Assistance Project named her “Attorney of the Year for the East Valley” for 2010-2011, and she is recognized by the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education as one of the top pro bono attorneys in Arizona. Our team also includes Arizona family law attorney Laura Chapman and family lawyer Michael Crane. We serve clients and families in Maricopa County, Pinal County, and across the State of Arizona.

If you are divorcing, anticipating a divorce, or if you need advice or representation regarding any matter of family law, contact Arizona Family Law Attorneys at (480) 268-9393 to schedule a free case evaluation with no obligation. Take advantage of this opportunity to receive sound, personalized legal advice and to learn how the law applies in your own situation. The Arizona Family Law Attorneys team is dedicated to helping you and your family resolve your legal issues in the most positive and constructive way possible.

Arizona Family Law Attorneys

2727 North Third Street #302, Phoenix, AZ 85004

(480) 268-9393